Solid Head Dumbbells

Solid Head Dumbbells are commercial quality dumbbells constructed of either a solid one-piece cast iron head that is bolted to the handle or a solid steel head and steel handle that are press fit together and then fully welded. The heads of these dumbbells can simply be painted or can include different impact resistant coverings like rubber or urethane. Most of these dumbbell heads are round; however, Iron Grip urethane dumbbells do include a Patented 12-sided design that helps prevent the dumbbells from rolling off of a bench.

Handle choices on Solid Head Dumbbells are plentiful. Old school straight handles that are fully knurled are available in stainless steel or coated in hard chrome that is resistant to dings and scratches. Contoured handles tend to better form to the palm of the hand and can help make for a more comfortable workout. Urethane Gel Grip handles by Hampton Fitness are not only contoured in shape, they include a black or optional blue urethane coating that makes for one of the most comfortable dumbbell grips on the market.

Solid head dumbbells have different construction methods in which the handle is connected to the head. GP Uni-Lock dumbbells connect via their own exclusive “Uni-Lock” system. This new innovative design features a one-piece (no bolt) handle that is superior in strength to current bolted handle designs. Instead of a bolt, the ends of the handle are threaded providing one piece construction that is twice the diameter of conventional bolting methods. They also have an optional “Splined” handle which prevents the dumbbell head from spinning should the Uni-Lock system ever begin to loosen. Perhaps the most maintenance free dumbbell out of the bunch is the fully welded solid steel dumbbell option. There are no bolts to ever loosen and with proper care this option will last forever. Fully welded options include Intek and Iron Grip. Ivanko Barbell produces one of the finest solid head urethane dumbbells in the industry and they use neither a bolting or a welding method but instead a method they refer to as “mechanically fastened”.

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Ivanko Urethane Dumbbells
Round Urethane Steel Dumbbells For Club and Military -- Ivanko (IUDB)
Your Price: Starting at $4,795.00
Round Urethane Steel Dumbbells For Club and Military -- Ivanko (IUDB)
Sizes: 5-150 lbs.
Uses: Commercial Gyms and Military Installations
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