Speed Trainers

Speed Training Equipment is designed to develop quick feet, power and acceleration for improvement in sport. There are basically two variations of speed training which are assisted and resisted speed training. Assisted speed training, also referred to as “overspeed training”, helps improve stride frequency. Resisted speed training improves speed strength and stride length.

Products like the Accelerator by Stroops utilize a shoulder harness and different size resistance bands ranging from 10’ long with 77 lbs. of resistance to 10’ long with 150 lbs. of resistance. The Accelerator was designed to help athletes accelerate more quickly and powerfully, for longer distances through the addition of resistance to their sprints. Incorporating a Stroops Slideboard into your speed training program will help develop strong quads for explosive starts and powerful jumps. Slideboards are versatile and allow the user to perform less obvious exercises such as simulated skating, lunges and even v-ups for the abs, as well.

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