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SPRI Products, Inc. is a manufacturer that specializes in designing and creating cutting edge exercise equipment and accessories for the fitness industry. Primarily a manufacturer of rubber resistance products for full body resistance training programs, SPRI has expanded its product offerings to the bodyweight training, fitness education materials, exercise manuals and video categories.

Resistance Bands and Exercise Tubes - Want to tone and strengthen your entire body but don’t have the room for dumbbells, barbells or machines? Resistance band training is an effective, safe and cost efficient way to get in shape at home or at a gym. The amount of exercise tube exercises you can perform is almost as plentiful as using free weights. You’ll be able to perform arm curls, tricep extensions, chest presses, shoulder presses, wood chops, squats, calf raises and so much more. And since they are so lightweight and compact, these rubber resistance bands and tubes are travel friendly and will fit into any gym bag or suitcase. Need help with your pull-up training? SPRI Superbands are heavy duty and provide resistance levels of up to 100 lbs.

Exercise Wall Charts - The cost of an exercise chart for your wall is a small price to pay to receive simple education that properly guides you in using your fitness products safely for better results. Do you want to learn proper form and technique for dumbbell training? The SPRI Dumbbell training wall chart teaches you multiple basic dumbbell exercises for the upper and lower body. Learn resistance band training with the SPRI Xertube chart that features effective exercises such as the chest press and squat. There are many other fitness charts you can consider for exercise balls, flexibility, heart rate, etc.

Exercise Mats - Exercise mats are an essential part of any ground based exercise program like abdominal training, Pilates and Yoga. Our Premium Exercise Mats feature a closed cell design that has a ribbed surface for added comfort while on hard floors. The Airex Hercules Mat provides 1” of padding between you and the floor. These dense exercise mats offer more comfort and protection than most and allow you to exercise longer by reducing pressure on the entire body.

Heavy Ropes - These unique all weather heavy ropes feature a protective jacket, or sleeve, that helps eliminate wear on the rope fibers caused by heavy use, UV rays and exposure to the elements. Multiple thicknesses and lengths make these power ropes the perfect heavy rope training tool for CrossFit, clubs or even in your own garage gym. They are also available on the GSA and CMAS contracts.

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Spri Orange Plastic Agility Cones for Sports Performance Drills
Orange Plastic Agility Cones - Sports Training Cones -- Spri (CONE-SET)
Your Price: $28.00
Orange Plastic Agility Cones - Sports Training Cones -- Spri (CONE-SET)
6", 9", or 12" Height
Sets of 6 or 12
Spri Variable Resistance Superbands
Spri Variable Resistance Superbands -- Spri (SSB)
Your Price: $31.00
Spri Variable Resistance Superbands -- Spri (SSB)
Resistance: Level 1-5
For Weightlifting & Bodyweight Training
Spri Soft White Foam Rollers
Spri Soft White Foam Rollers -- Spri (FR-126/366)
Your Price: $33.00
Spri Soft White Foam Rollers -- Spri (FR-126/366)
12" and 36” Sizes Available
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