Stability / Fitness Balls

Stability Balls are large inflatable resistance balls ranging from 45cm-75cm that are used to perform exercises with or without other equipment. Exercising with a Stability Ball, or Swiss Ball, can be done almost anywhere including the home, office or gym.

What are the different uses of a Stability Ball? An exercise ball can be quite versatile all by itself. It can be used to perform such exercises as ball push-ups, overhead squats and plank pike-ups or “V-ups”. Use it as a core toning ball to perform abdominal crunches and sit-ups. Because of the inherent instability, a “stability” ball will help the user increase their balance while at the same time engaging their core much more than exercising with a weight bench. Use as a functional training ball and combine with dumbbells or resistance bands for presses and rows. Fitness Ball Chairs can be used to replace office chairs which engages the core while sitting and helps strengthen the back and improves posture.

Need help selecting the right Stability Ball for your location or fitness goal? Let an fitness equipment expert assist you today at 1-888-758-7527.

Stability Ball sizing chart

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Prism Fitness SMART In-Home Boot Camp Package
Self-Guided SMART In-Home Boot Camp Package -- Prism Fitness Group (400-150-204)
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Self-Guided SMART In-Home Boot Camp Package -- Prism Fitness Group (400-150-204)
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