Stroops is an American manufacturer of innovative elastic based resistance fitness equipment specially designed to increase power, agility and speed in the world of fitness, sports performance and MMA.

Stroops For Fitness - No matter what your fitness level, let Stroops Fitness help you achieve the goals you desire for a better, stronger you. Increase your agility with a Roll Out Ladder, Python Striker, Hurdles or Agility Dots. Increase explosive power and sustained strength with the Cobra Pro, Explosive First Step and Double Gun Fitness. Build strength with a Slastix toner that are available in many resistance levels, The Rope or Push Up Bars. Blast that stubborn core with the Fit Stik Pro Bar, Fit Stik Body Sculpting System or a pair of Padded Hanging Ab Straps.

Stroops For Sports Performance - Want to build incredible speed? Try a Stroops Accelerator that focuses on maximizing an athlete’s first twenty feet when they are accelerating. Improve your footwork for basketball, football, soccer and MMA with a Roll Out Ladder or Rigid Rung Ladder. Want to jump higher or farther or just tone your butt and legs? Try a set of Ergo Plyo Boxes that do all of the above while keeping safety at the forefront with their curved edges that prevent you from tearing up your shins.

Stroops For MMA Training - Improve striking power and increase sustained strength with products like the Double Gun MMA, Takedown, The Beast and Son Of The Beast Battle Ropes, Python Striker and Slastix Toner.

Stroops For Government Purchase -® currently offers all Stroops products on our GSA contract GS-07F-0104M and our CMAS contract 4-12-78-0066A. If you are a government buyer, you can purchase the Stroops products you see here through the GSA Advantage or call us direct at 1-888-758-7527. Combining Stroops with hundreds of other GSA qualified fitness items is easy at Ironcompany and will save you time and money. Call or email us for a quote today.

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Slastix™ Toner
Slastix™ Toner Super Heavy Resistance -- Stroops (ST48SH-ST48SH_O)
Your Price: $39.00
Slastix™ Toner Super Heavy Resistance -- Stroops (ST48SH-ST48SH_O)
Black/Silver or MMA Orange
Fit Stik® Bar
Fit Stik Bar -- Stroops (FITSTIK)
Your Price: $41.00
Fit Stik Bar -- Stroops (FITSTIK)
Slastix Toners NOT included
Agility Slats
Agility Slats - Set of 12 -- Stroops (AGSLAT12)
Your Price: $49.00
Agility Slats - Set of 12  -- Stroops (AGSLAT12)
Black Rubber or White Plastic
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