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T-Grip Barbell Strength Equipment and free weights

T-Grip Barbell Custom Cable Attachments, Multi-Grip Olympic Bars and Group Cardio Strength Sets - T-Grip Barbell is a manufacturer of uniquely functional Group X barbell sets, fixed barbells, adjustable barbell bars, weight plates and cable attachments. These innovative free weight products are ideal for weight training and group fitness training in fitness studios and commercial clubs.

T-Grip Lite Bar and Weights - At a weight of only 8 lbs. and available color choices that include black, white and pink, these adjustable Lite Training Bars are perfect for both men and women for performing upper and lower body strength training exercises as well as cardio fitness programs. Bars come in a 1” diameter to accept regular 1” center hole weight plates with a total load capacity of 80 lbs.

T-Grip Shorty Bar - The Shorty Bar is only 48” long which makes it easier to balance and maneuver in tight places compared to longer bars. Total weight is 10 lbs. and holds up to 100 lbs. of Olympic plates. Great for performing close grip tricep presses, bicep curls and hammer curls.

T-Grip Group X Training - The Group-X Cardio Training Barbell Set with Rack by T-Grip Barbell is offered in two different sizes. One set offers a barbell storage rack made to accommodate 10 Lite Bars and all their colored rubber encased grip plates. The larger T-R20 set holds 20 bars and all the plates in one small footprint. Each barbell gripping area is 25mm with a total length of 52”.

T-Grip Pro Bars - T-Grip Pro Bars are made in the USA from 28mm solid steel. These bars are heavy duty and hold up to 700 lbs. of Olympic plates on their rotating, hard chromed sleeves. Perfect for all your heavy duty power movements including deadlifts, presses, squats and rows.

T-Grip Cable Attachments - You’ve never seen cable machine attachments that look and function like T-Grip. Their multiple handle angles allow the user to burn and build all the heads in the biceps and triceps. Looking for a great lat row attachment? Choose from a narrow or wide grip and start packing on the beef.

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T-Grip Large Group-X Cardio Strength Set with Rack
Group-X Cardio Strength Set with Rack - 20 Pack -- T-Grip Barbell (TG-R20)
Your Price: $3,999.00 - Temporarily Unavailable
Group-X Cardio Strength Set with Rack - 20 Pack -- T-Grip Barbell (TG-R20)
Includes Spring Collars NOT Lock-Jaw Collars as pictured
Plates now BLACK not colored as pictured
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