Technique / Competition / Fraction Plates

Technique / Competition / Fraction Plates are weightlifting tools used to improve or perform Olympic style barbell lifts such as the deadlift, squat and bench press. For ease of comparison, we’ve grouped them together right here.

Technique Weight Lifting Plates - Technique Plates, also known as Technique Training plates, are essentially a light weight version of bumper plates to allow the athlete to focus on their weight lifting technique. Plate diameters are the same 17.7” from 5 lbs. to 15 lbs. which allows the lifter to pull the bar from a consistent height every time. Hitechplates are one of the most popular brands of technique plates and are extremely durable due to their one-piece molded design.

Calibrated Competition Plates - IPF Approved Calibrated Olympic Plates by Ivanko Barbell are the only I.P.F. approved plate in the Western Hemisphere. The CBP and CBPP series powerlifting discs are specifically designed for powerlifting competitions where the rules mandate the use of extremely accurate kilogram, color coded discs. CBP and CBPP series discs are made "wafer" thin to increase the plate loading capacity of the competition barbell. Since, it is not unusual for best athletes to exceed 400 kilograms in a particular lift during competition or training, it is imperative that there is enough space on the bar sleeve to accommodate as many discs as possible including the collars! These are the same series of plates used previously at the I.P.F. World Championships.

Fraction Plates by Ironcompany® and Iron Bull Strength allow the user to “Micro-load” the barbell with as little as 0.25 lb. on each side which can be much safer than larger jumps when attempting to lift heavier weight. They are also a very effective tool in breaking through plateaus and making real, continual progress.

Need help selecting Technique / Competition / Fraction Plates that best fit your location or lifting style? Let an fitness equipment expert assist you today at 1-888-758-7527.

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IPF Approved Chrome Calibrated Olympic Plates - 15 KG pair -- Ivanko (CBP-15KG)
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IPF Approved Chrome Calibrated Olympic Plates - 15 KG pair -- Ivanko (CBP-15KG)
These plates come in Yellow only
Limited Availability. While Supplies Last!
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