The Step

The Step by Escalade Sports cardio step platforms

The Step® by Escalade Sports Original Cardio Step, Health Club Step and Freestyle Fitness Step - The Step was originally developed 1989 as a product that would help rehabilitate knees and hips from injury or post-surgery. It was soon after its introduction that the aerobic benefits were discovered. The Step products spawned aerobic step programs and group training classes that flooded clubs and fitness centers throughout the world in the 1990’s.

Molded and manufactured here in the United States, The Step aerobics equipment is now available in many shapes, sizes and configurations with a host of accessories. The Original Health Club Step consists of a main stepping platform that measures 43” x 16” x 4” high. Its 16” x 2” riser blocks allow for height adjustments from 4 inches to 6 inches all the way up to 8 inches for different levels of challenge. Additional freestyle blocks allow The Step platform to be used on an incline and in a ramp position for advanced choreography. Users can expand their training circuit by purchasing an all-inclusive Step Body Fusion package that includes The Step Adjustable Home Trainer, 65cm resistance ball, 3 lb. vinyl dumbbells, medium weight resistance band and a Body Fusion DVD that shows you how to properly used it all for maximum results.

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