The Tug -- The Tug (TUG-001)

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The Tug
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The Tug measures 9”x30”x36” and is made of a composite material called EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) that is firm yet flexible. This innovatively designed device has two handles on opposite sides and water is easily added or removed through a threaded plug in the center.

As a safe alternative to previous training methods including stick wrestling, tire tipping/tugging, and towel wrestling, The Tug has many uses and applications for improving strength, endurance, balance, and for creating competitiveness, traits that coaches of all sports try to develop in their athletes. Uses include:

  • Ultimate tug-of-war competition that tests the heart, creates excitement, and builds team spirit.
  • Weight lifting exercises such as curls, upright row, behind the neck press, benches, triceps work
  • Pulling as a weight sled (with no runners to restrict movement or limit direction) by attaching a harness through the handles with the flat side down
  • Karaoke drills
  • Crab push with athlete in a 4 point crab position placing hands directly on top and pushing
  • deal for Hockey to build starting explosiveness by pulling on the ice with a harness
  • Flip it (takes the place of old tractor tires)
  • As an anchor for feet for sit-ups, medicine ball drills, leg lifts, flutter kicks
  • Overhead (where athletes can capture the inertia of water moving) which becomes part of the training for balance and weight control while doing lunges, squats, balance bubble or board
  • Team relay races by running with The Tug individually or in pairs
  • Coaches continue to develop new and unique applications and the list goes on....

Water must be added to The Tug to be effective and to minimize risk of injury.
- Less water less weight, more water more weight. One gallon of water weights 8.3 pounds. The TUG has a capacity to hold up to 20 gallons which will increase its weight to 180 pounds. Weight should be adjusted according to the size of the participant and the activity.

Safety – Athletes participating in any tug of war activity should never let go of The Tug. Athletes should hold The Tug with their hands and never put their arms through the handles. Use only water to increase weight; never add sand.

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Item Number: TUG-001 ProdID_18639
Product Name: The Tug -- The Tug (TUG-001)
Manufacturer: THE TUG
Manufacturer Part No: TUG-001

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