Interval Timers & Stopwatches

Interval Timers, Stopwatches and Gym Timers are used for calculating intervals and speeds during boxing, MMA, sports performance and fitness training programs. Each can be very helpful in improving cardio and endurance conditioning levels.

What are the benefits of using an Interval Timer? Interval training involves varying the intensity within a workout. Short bouts of intensity are executed that otherwise could not be sustained during the entire workout. Adding intense interval training, or high intensity interval training (HIIT for short), to your conditioning program can help an athlete break through plateaus thus exceeding his or her current conditioning levels. Interval training can be performed on a rowing machine, a treadmill or just by sprinting up a hill. An interval timer can be set for different lengths of time, usually in 15 second increments for up to 4 minutes in length.

What are the benefits of using a Stopwatch? Integrating a stopwatch into your conditioning program is similar to using an interval timer. Both allow you to time short burst of intense exercise but a stopwatch includes the added benefit of being portable and able to be worn around the neck or put in a pocket for easy access. Stopwatches are also used for timing speed and agility drills and will store lap times, total times, fastest times and can calculate average lap times.

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Ekho K-150 Hand Held Stopwatch for CrossFit, HIIT and Performance Training
Stopwatch -- Ekho (K-150)
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Stopwatch -- Ekho (K-150)