TKO Medicine Balls, Ankle Weights, Stretch Cords, Speed Bags, Heavy Bags, Weighted Vest, Tri Grip Curl Bar, Cardio Pump Set, Urethane Dumbbell and Tri-Grip Rubber Hex Dumbbells

TKO Sports Group, Inc. and TKO Boxing established itself as a leading manufacturer of sporting goods, boxing and fitness equipment by concentrating on quality of craftsmanship, materials, and design. TKO has many strength items to choose from such as Tri-Grip Rubber Hex dumbbells, Tri-Grip Solid Steel Urethane Encased Dumbbells, Tri-Grip Rubber Encased Olympic plates, Tri-Grip Fixed Straight Barbells and Curl Barbells, Hard Chrome Olympic bars, Cardio Pump sets, weighted vests, ankle weights, medicine balls, speed bags, heavy bags, neoprene dumbbells, and more.

TKO's years of experience in the fitness industry at the gym level led to the development of the TKO STRENGTH line of innovative free weight strength training equipment. TKO's revolutionary patented products have been carefully designed to increase the overall enjoyment, effectiveness and satisfaction of weight training like nothing else on the market. TKO Strength gives you the competitive edge you need in today's highly competitive marketplace. See and feel the difference for yourself.

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