Toning Bars

Toning Bars usually consist of multiple fixed weight bars that vary in weight according to their length and thickness. Since toning bars are offered in multiple sizes, it is important to color coat them so that these sizes can be quickly identified especially in a group training setting where large numbers of these bars can be present. Many exercises can be performed with these toning bars, or fitness bars, that are similar in nature to those performed with a light barbell. Barbell curls, tricep extensions, shoulder presses, squats and lunges are just a few examples of exercise possibilities. Fitness bar racks help keep up to 30 bars at once organized by size and color in a vertical position allowing for easy access at all times. These racks are necessary in most group training settings.

Fitness bar construction and longevity can vary from brand to brand. Some steel bars feature a foam or rubber grip coating with a color coded plastic end cap. Others, like the Hampton Urethane Gel Grip bars, include multiple brightly colored translucent urethane grips over a chrome bar. These urethane grips are comfortable to use and resist slipping out of your hands. Above all, the urethane will not tear, expand or crack and have a very long lifespan. The Bodyblade® is not a typical static toning bar but rather is a vibration and inertia training tool invented for rehabilitation of the joints. They are available in different lengths and resistance levels that address different toning and rehabilitation goals for men and women.

Need help deciding which toning bar is best for your fitness goal or facility? Let an fitness equipment expert assist you today at 1-888-758-7527

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Bodyblade® Pro Kit Club Pack
Bodyblade® Pro Kit - Club Pack of 12 -- Mad Dogg (BBMC0010)
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Bodyblade® Pro Kit - Club Pack of 12  -- Mad Dogg (BBMC0010)
Includes (12) Bodyblade® Pro, (12) Instructional DVDs, and (12) Exercise Wall Charts
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