Tri-Bells 4” Double Hi-Tech Tricep Rope -- LPG Muscle (TB-4DBL)

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Tri-Bells 4” Double Hi-Tech Tricep Rope
Tri-Bells 4” Double Hi-Tech Tricep Rope
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LPG Muscle Tri-Bells 4" Double Hi-Tech Tricep Rope - Nothing gets attention like a killer set of triceps. And nothing builds that dominant upper arm muscle group better than hi-tech Tri-Bells extension cables. Engineered to outperform ordinary triceps ropes, Tri-Bells extension cables redefine rope style exercises with a revolutionary new sport grip that delivers 30% greater muscle stimulation. The perfect choice for athletes, Tri-Bells patent pending gripping domes improve sport performance by conditioning gripping and throwing muscles of forearms, wrists and hands, as well as the three heads of the triceps muscles.


  • Targets lateral AND long head triceps muscles
  • "Ball Style" grip strengthens and conditions forearms, wrists and hand "stabilizer" muscles
  • Provides a first ever cable machine alternative for single dumbbell triceps extension exercises
  • Uses common rope style exercise movements
  • Outperforms common triceps rope


  • Patent Pending hemispherical gripping surface and revolutionary new sport grip
  • Full commercial grade steel construction
  • Powder coated, textured gripping surface
  • 1000# strong ultra-flexible and spider web thin cable suspension for optimal exercise freedom of movement
  • Plush, hygienic rubberized cable sleeves
  • Color: Black bells and Orange tube covers
  • Lifetime Full Replacement Warranty
  • Made in the USA!


  • Bell Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 2"
  • Cable Length: 12 inches joined at one eyelet
  • Weight: 1.9375 lbs.

Tri Bells Instructions

To perform any rope type triceps extension exercise with Tri-Bells, simply attach cable suspension loop to the snap hook of cable resistance machine. Next place palm(s) over Tri-Bells Hi-tech hemisphere(s) with suspension cable positioned between thumb and pointer finger.

Begin exercise by situating body accordingly (kneeling, standing, lying, etc.) with elbow(s) bent to form a right angle and under tension of weight stack, straighten arms against resistance until straight. Hold this full extension muscle contraction for 1-2 seconds, then slowly (2-4 seconds) bend elbows (lowering weight stack) until arm(s) once again reach the starting position angle. Repeat until desired set repetitions are completed.

Please allow 2 weeks manufacturer production lead time prior to shipping.

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Item Number: TB-4DBL ProdID_20552
Manufacturer: LPG MUSCLE
Manufacturer Part No: TB-4DBL

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