Twister Push-Up Stands (Pair) -- Valor Athletics (EP-2)

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 Twister Push-Up Stands
 Twister Push-Up Stands
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Valor Fitness EP-2 Twisting Push Up Handles - Drop and give me twenty! Now you can perform the perfect pushup using Valor Fitness Rotating Push Up Handles. Twister Pushup Stands are different from normal push-up bars in that hand position can be turned during the performance of the push-up exercise, changing the muscle focus and offering multiple planes of motion. The unique rotating handles help speed up results by engaging more muscles in the arms, chest, shoulders, and back.

Push-Up Bars, Push-Up Handles and Push-Up Stands not only help increase strength and muscle tone in the upper body but include a few added benefits, as well. A typical push up involves placing your hands flat on the ground while you perform the push-up exercise. This angle and pressure placed on the wrists can cause some people great discomfort to the point they cannot perform a push-up. Push-Up Handles, Stands and Bars align the wrists and hands into a neutral position therefore removing the painful hyperextension from the equation. Increasing the range of motion in your chest workout is another benefit that handles and stands provide. When the hands are elevated the body can be lowered further than it would without the stands or handle therefore increasing the range of motion during the execution of the exercise.

What is the most effective way to perform a push-up? Without getting into all the mechanics involved in executing the perfect push-up, let’s talk about rep speed. Any time you use momentum to artificially increase rep speed therefore allowing you to lift more weight or perform more reps with a weight, you greatly increase the risk of injury. Furthermore, the isolation benefits to the muscle created by the exercise is all but thrown out the window. If you really want a deep burn and unbelievable pump in the chest and triceps when performing push-ups on a pair of push-up stands, slow your rep speed way down on both the ascent and descent of the movement. At the bottom of the exercise, rather than explode into the next rep push your body off the ground slowly and grind through it while concentrating on squeezing the chest. As you come back down to finish up the rep, work against the negative. The object here is to make your muscles think you are lifting more weight than you really are while better isolating the pectoral muscles, creating an intense burn and not creating undue stress to the shoulder joints.


  • One pair of stands
  • Rotating pushup handles
  • Comfortable rubberized grips
  • Stable bases with non-skid rubber bottoms that grip well on carpet and all hard floor surfaces
  • Smooth, long lasting steel ball-bearing rotational system
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Shipping Dimensions: 10” L x 8” W x 3” H
  • Shipping Weight: 3 lbs.

twisting motion

How to Work Out With Rotating Push-Up Bars

From by Jeffrey S. Harrison

Push-ups are a great upper body and core exercise. Best of all, they do not require a dime or a gym membership to perform. They can be done right at home. Within the past few years, rotating push-up bars were introduced to the market to enhance and add variety to performing this workout program staple. By performing push-ups with rotating push-up bars, ordinary push-ups become extraordinary push-ups.

Step 1
Find an open space free of clutter. Set the rotating push-up bars on the ground at slightly wider than shoulder width.

Step 2
Grasp the handles with both hands while simultaneously extending the legs and placing the toes on the ground, tucked under the feet. Keep the arms extended and the body straight with no arch in the back or sag in the abdomen. Rotate the handles so that the knuckles are facing forward.

Step 3
Slowly lower your body toward the floor by bending the elbows and simultaneously turning the knuckles outward to rotate the bars. Keep the body straight and breathe in while lowering the body towards the floor.

Step 4
Pause when your chest is just barely touching the floor, and then slowly extend the arms and press back up while simultaneously turning the knuckles inward. Exhale as you push back up to the starting position.

Step 5
Pause, and repeat for the prescribed number of repetitions.

Rotating push-up handles provide variety and innovation to the performance of standard push-ups. Just as with regular push-ups, the handles can be moved to various widths, such as wider than shoulder width or closer, to change up the workout. If you have difficulty performing full-body-position push-ups, try them with your knees bent and on the floor. An exercise mat or towel placed on the ground to pad the knees may be desirable. When using rotating push-up bars, be sure to select non-skid surfaces, such as carpeting, rubber flooring, or concrete.

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