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Ultimate Sandbag sandbag training equipment and videos

Ultimate Sandbag Power Elite, Strength Elite and Burly Elite Sandbags - If you can't stand your gym anymore or just can't afford it, grab a sandbag for a great alternative for helping you get in a full-body workout. Lifting one is an old-school way to build brute strength and intense endurance. The Ultimate Sandbag Training System is the underground fitness system used by pro athletes and elite special forces around the world.

Henkin Fitness Systems/Ultimate Sandbag is a result of over 15 years of working in the fitness and sports performance industry. Strength Coach, Josh Henkin, has worked with thousands of people and has worked to develop the most innovative, effective, and fun training programs available. Henkin Fitness Systems provides only the best quality training tools and programs. We make everything with our clients in mind and what WE would look for as the best in the industry.

In 2005 Coach Henkin released Sandbag Fundamentals. The book was a smash hit and created a high demand for additional products. Coach Henkin has answered the call with the creation of The Ultimate Sandbag and five training/education training DVDs. He has been an international presenter in the arenas of fitness and performance based training. Coach Henkin's L.I.F.T. training certification is quickly becoming one of the hottest training programs in functional fitness.

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Ultimate Sandbag USAND-POWER Power Elite Sandbag Training Package
Power Elite Sandbag Training Package -- Ultimate Sandbag (USAND-POWER)
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Power Elite Sandbag Training Package -- Ultimate Sandbag (USAND-POWER)
Available in Black or Pink
Sand Not Included