Urethane Solid Head Dumbbells

Urethane Solid Head Dumbbells are commercial quality urethane encased dumbbells that can withstand the harsh environment of a commercial gym or dues paying facility. There are two styles to choose from, a solid head dumbbell that is bolted to a handle or a solid steel dumbbell that is fully welded for maximum strength and longevity.

What type of Urethane Dumbbells are best for me? There’s no question that all the dumbbells featured in this section are of high quality and each type and brand is perfect for somebody. That being said, there are certain designs that hold up better in certain conditions. First and foremost, no dumbbell is indestructible and no dumbbell should be dropped from high off the ground or thrown down with great force.

Solid head urethane dumbbells by GPI, or American Barbell, feature a proprietary “Uni-Lock” system that demonstrate superior strength when compared to other bolt together dumbbells. Hampton Fitness offers a compact solid head dumbbell called Dura-Prostyle that has a small enough head diameter to be stored on a vertical dumbbell rack. Those are two great examples of solid head urethane dumbbells that with a little care, will never loosen and will perform flawlessly in most environments.

For the ultimate in a hard wearing urethane dumbbell set, you can’t go wrong with a fully welded, solid steel design. These dumbbells consist of a solid steel slug and steel handle that are press fit together and then fully welded. Iron Grip is well known for their 12-sided, anti-roll design. Ivanko is recognized for having the thickest urethane coating in the business and a beefy 35mm hard chromed handle. They are both commonly found in club chains, military bases and professional sports teams. The heaviest of solid steel urethane dumbbell sets go up to 150 lbs. and carries a 5-year warranty against breakage.

Need help selecting a Urethane Pro Dumbbell set for your location or fitness goal? Let an fitness equipment expert assist you today at 1-888-758-7527.

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Hampton Blue Handle Urethane Dumbbells - Collector's Edition -- Hampton (GGUD-5-100)
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Hampton Blue Handle Urethane Dumbbells - Collector's Edition -- Hampton (GGUD-5-100)
Limited Time Offer. While Supplies Last!
Dumbbell Rack NOT Included
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