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It isn't easy being green but it helps if you use these Technique plates. Hitechplates are changing the future in lightweight training plates. With Hitech Plates, you can train from the floor with a more manageable weight that allows you to focus on your technique. These training plates are virtually indestructible and can be dropped from any height. Hitechplates are Made In The USA and 100% recycled from plastic bottles – environmentally friendly! Still hungry for more? Hitech Plates are rugged one piece solid construction deemed unbreakable on the platform, will not rust and never need painting. You will wear out long before these technique plates do.

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Technique Plates
Hitechplates Weightlifting Technique Plates -- Hitechplates (HTP)
Your Price: $130.00
Hitechplates Weightlifting Technique Plates -- Hitechplates (HTP)
Plate Sizes lbs: 5-15 lbs.
Plate Sizes kgs: 2.5-10 kgs.
Uses: School Weight Rooms, CrossFit, etc.