Interlock Flooring

USA Made Interlocking Gym Flooring for residential, commercial and government application. Why choose American made interlocking rubber flooring for your gym? Whether you’re building a garage gym or a dues paying facility, flooring is often one of the biggest investments you’ll make. During its lifetime, your floor and equipment will experience everything from dropping dumbbells to falling barbells and plates to heavy weight stack machines bearing down on it. Not investing in the right quality or type of rubber interlocking flooring can be a costly mistake down the road. Do it right the first time with rubber flooring manufacturers you can trust like Regupol, Humane, RB Rubber and Mitchell Rubber. For quality recycled flooring made from post-consumer materials, such as truck tires, consider our Regupol, Humane and RB Rubber. Humane actually goes a step further in the manufacturing process and vulcanizes their rubber which means it is heated to very high temperatures thus creating an even stronger bonding of the crumb rubber and a much higher tensile strength of the rubber mat itself. Mitchell Rubber makes a 100% vulcanized virgin rubber USA made flooring product which features a pebble grain finished top and is available in beautiful colors that include khaki, red, royal blue, burgundy and more.

Other applications for Ironcompany® interlocking rubber gym tiles include playground flooring, blade-resistant ice rink flooring, runway flooring, non-slip boat dock flooring, flooring for basements, moisture repelling doggie day care flooring, horse stall flooring and livestock flooring. Cutting to fit is easy with a straight edge and razor knife.

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