Rubber Flooring

American Made Rubber Flooring at Ironcompany® is the choice of those who seek long lasting flooring and equipment protection in their facility. Flooring is often the first line of defense when it comes to increasing the longevity of your floors and equipment from intense training environments. And just putting rubber sheets down on the floor is not enough. Different training facilities have different protection requirements. Home gyms are usually tight on space so a couple of 4’ x 6’ x ½” or ¾” rubber mats can often be sufficient. Small training studios can go with a ¼” rolled rubber option that is easy on the budget. Dues paying facilities that offer heavy dumbbell and barbell free weight areas often select ½” or even ¾” thick interlocking puzzle tiles that offer ample impact protection. As with any equipment that is offered on, if you are not absolutely sure what type of flooring is best for your facility please give any one of our sales reps a call and we’ll help educate and guide you to the perfect choice.

Other applications for Ironcompany® rolled rubber for gyms includes playground flooring, blade-resistant ice rink flooring, ski lodges, batting cages, runway flooring, non-slip boat dock flooring, flooring for basements, sound proofing underlayment, batting cage flooring, moisture repelling doggie day care flooring, horse stall flooring and livestock flooring. Cutting to fit is easy with a straight edge and razor knife.

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