Vicore Fitness

Vicore Fitness

Vicore Fitness is a manufacturer of core engaging weight benches, abdominal exercise benches, hyper extensions and vertical knee raises. Each product includes a dynamic component called the Body Link System. This system is a very strong membrane that creates instability much like a stability ball would during exercise. It is the instability that causes the user to engage all of their core muscles in order to maintain their balance while performing exercises such as dumbbell presses and rows.

Vicore Fitness benches and abdominal exercise equipment pieces are built to last and are subjected to extreme safety testing. One of the tests includes putting a bench membrane under 4,500 lbs. of pressure and puncturing it multiple times. This membrane does not burst but rather slowly deflates within about 5 minutes. Each membrane surface is infused with an antimicrobial agent that helps inhibit the growth of microorganisms and is protected with UV inhibitors to keep it from fading in sunlight. Frames are made from 11 gauge steel and then electrostatically coated for a durable finish. Rubber foot pads prevent benches from sliding during exercise, especially on carpet. All products include a commercial warranty that includes a lifetime guarantee on the frame and a 5-year guarantee on moving parts and the Body Link Air Surface.

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