Vinyl Dumbbells

Vinyl Dumbbells and Vinyl Dumbbell Sets - Vinyl coated dumbbells are similar in many ways to neoprene coated dumbbells. They are small, cast iron dumbbells that range in weight from 1 lb. to 15 lbs. and are perfect for light resistance training, aerobic training and rehab training. The heads at each end are six-sided, or hexagonal, to eliminate rolling and to allow easy stacking on floors or on group training dumbbell racks. About the only difference between a vinyl dumbbell and a neoprene dumbbell is the coating. Vinyl dumbbell sets are dipped in brightly colored vinyl that when dry creates a smooth coating. Vinyl can be easier to clean than neoprene and provides a better grip when dry, but can become slick with any moisture build up. Vinyl also creates a protective barrier against impact which is beneficial when dropped on wood aerobics flooring. Body-Solid multi-color vinyl dumbbells are available from 1 to 15 lbs.

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Body Solid BSTVD Vinyl Dumbbell Sets
Color Coded Vinyl Dumbbell Pairs and Light Sets -- Body-Solid (BSTVD)
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Color Coded Vinyl Dumbbell Pairs and Light Sets -- Body-Solid (BSTVD)
Sizes: 1-15 lbs.
Colors: Multiple Colors – Color Coded