Weight Benches

What Are The Benefits Of A Weight Bench? A weight bench allows the user to perform mass and power building exercises like bench presses and shoulder presses. These are some of the most effective barbell exercises for building upper body mass, power and explosiveness that will not only give you an impressive physique but can help do wonders for your on field performance.

What Type Of Weight Bench Is Best For Me? When purchasing a bench we have to decide what fits the budget, how much room do we have and what are our fitness goals. For a beginner or home gym enthusiast, you can start out with the most basic of benches for less than two hundred dollars. These choices will usually have a flat and multiple incline positions as well as a plate loaded leg extension and leg curl attachment. For something a little beefier that can handle more weight and more exercises, a bench that features adjustable uprights that doubles as a squat rack is a good choice for many. These machines will usually come with other attachments like a preacher curl pad and spotters platform. For the more serious lifter or the club that wants a heavy duty bench press in their facility for the members to use, a fully welded American made bench is a great investment. Most of these benches are in a fixed position, such as flat, decline, incline or upright. They are made to accommodate 7’ Olympic bars with very heavy weight. And for all these plates most include weight horns to keep plates organized and off the floor. The upholstery is made from dense foam that gives ample support under any amount of weight. There are usually different color frame and padding options available as most these benches are made to order.

If you are looking for accessories, we have plenty of those too. You’ll find different models of leg curl / leg extension attachments and preacher curl attachments. If you have any questions regarding the compatibility of these items, please contact an Ironcompany® rep today.

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Flat/Incline/Decline Olympic Bench
Flat/Incline/Decline Olympic Bench -- Valor Athletics (BF-38)
Your Price: $299.99
Flat/Incline/Decline Olympic Bench -- Valor Athletics  (BF-38)
Weights and Bar Not Included
Utility Flat Bench
Utility Flat Bench -- Legend Fitness (3100)
List Price: $359.00
Your Price: $311.00
You Save: $48.00 (13 %)
Utility Flat Bench -- Legend Fitness (3100)
preacher curl bench
Preacher Curl Bench -- Yukon Fitness (PCB-183)
Your Price: $325.00
Preacher Curl Bench -- Yukon Fitness (PCB-183)
Weights NOT included
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