Weight Lifting Belts

Weight lifting belts has two main uses in power lifting.

1. The first purpose, it diminish the lower back stress while lifting in an upright position and also prevent back hypertension during lifting the weight above head.

2. Belts also help to diminish low back stress by compressing the content of the abdominal cavity.

Belts are used to reduce intra abdominal pressure as it gives pressure in front of the bones of the lower back. Weight lifting belts also reduce the spinal shrinkage occurs while lifting weights and also avert the twisting and bending on the lower back.

It is always suggested to wear the belt tightly during lifting weights. Usually, the belt is normally used in two situations, while doing lifts, such as the deadlift or squat when back support is necessary for the lifter.

Following are the different types of weight lifting belts that you can purchase:

Classic Training Belt : This patented belt is made up of polypropylene mesh, is incredibly breathable. It provides comfortable support with the patented cam buckle/locking torque ring and nylon webbing.

Leather lifting belt : Leather Lifting Belt features a contoured design providing an effective back support while you lift weights. The all-leather structure is tough and durable and has a heavy gauge steel buckle with a comfort-fit adjustment strap.

Nylon Weight Belt : Wide heavy duty nylon belt with a support strap overlay for maximum lower back and abdominal protection during lifting. Thick, flexible heavy duty nylon belt provides maximum comfort and durability while maintaining muscle warmth.

Padded Leather Weight Belt : This belt consists of two tongue buckle with heavy steel roller. Best quality padding has been given for back support and comfort along with a durable saddle.

Form-Fit Small belt : This belt is very helpful in maintaining body's natural shape, excellent back and abdominal support. It's made up of high quality, lightweight, dense memory foam core which really increases comfort. Heavy duty steel roller buckle for smooth and quick adjustability is an added advantage.