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Use Weight Lifting Straps For Stronger Lifts! Are you being held back by your grip when it’s time to perform heavy lat rows, deadlifts or bicep curls? Let’s face it, you don’t want to use lifting straps for all your upper body exercises but when it comes to going heavy on the “bread and butter” mass building exercises, sometimes you need the extra insurance that a better grip provides. A good set of straps can often remove the weak link holding you back and will allow you to break through barriers so you can pack on muscle and get stronger.

What Kind Of Weightlifting Straps Are Best? For many, the cotton lifting straps are effective and fit within their budget. Choose from all different colors including pink and even camouflage. Leather lifting straps tend to wrap around the bar tighter and offer a better grab. If you require added wrist support during your lifts, our Schiek Powerlifting Straps offer a strap with built in neoprene support that adjusts tight via a Velcro closure. These are an Ironcompany favorite! And for all you animals out there that absolutely, positively have to lift more weight than anyone in the gym, check out a pair of our Power Lifting Hooks or Haulin Hooks.

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