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Weightlifting Straps / Elastic Wrist Wraps and Knee Wraps / Elbow Sleeves - Weightlifting straps are used for free weight training such as dumbbell and barbell training. Weight lifting straps are most commonly made of heavy-duty cotton webbing or even suede leather. Some barbell straps, such as Schiek Sports or Grizzly Fitness, will include neoprene padding to alleviate tight straps pinching the skin around the wrists during heavy dumbbell and barbell lifts. Another kind of weightlifting barbell strap includes a claw or hook and are referred to as Power Claws, Haulin’ Hooks or Powerlifting Hooks. Weightlifting hooks for barbells are more of a padded velcro wrist wrap with hooks in place of a long strap that would otherwise wrap around the bar. Whether you use traditional weightlifting straps or a weightlifting hook, the ultimate goal is to pull more weight and perform more reps than you would without them. Use wrist straps for all your heavy dumbbell and barbell lifts including lat rows, shrugs, bicep curls and more. Overloading the muscles when using weightlifting straps is a great way to expedite muscle and strength gains.

Elastic Wrist Wraps and Elastic Knee Wraps - Elastic velcro wrist wraps are an excellent tool for adding needed support to the wrists during upper body weight training exercises. Wrist wraps help keep the joint warm and properly aligned at all times which can help alleviate pain and/or prevent injury. As with wrist wraps, elastic knee wraps help support the joint and surrounding tendons and muscles. Using knee wraps while performing squats, hack squats and leg presses has been proven to help bump up training poundages much like a bench shirt does for a powerlifter during a bench press.

Are weightlifting straps really necessary for bigger gains? Get the scoop from powerlifting coach to Ed Coan and Kirk Karwoski, Marty Gallagher.

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Haulin’ Hooks PROFESSIONAL Weightlifting Hooks and Straps
Haulin’ Hooks PROFESSIONAL Weightlifting Hooks and Straps (Pair) -- LPG Muscle (PRO)
Your Price: $72.00
Haulin’ Hooks PROFESSIONAL Weightlifting Hooks and Straps (Pair) -- LPG Muscle (PRO)
1250 lb. Load Rated
Shown with Optional Gripper Tubes
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