Weight Scales

Weight Scales for Diet, Health, Medical and Fitness by Detecto Scale are all conveniently displayed right here at For over 110 years Detecto Scale has manufactured high quality weighing devices that are made right here in the USA. As an ISO-9001 certified scale manufacturer, Detecto has gained the trust of the medical, fitness and food service industries as a reliable source for accurate weighing devices with dependable longevity.

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Digital Floor Scales at
Digital Floor Scales for Fitness and Healthcare
Mechanical Scales for Bathrooms, Locker Rooms and Gyms at
Mechanical Bathroom Scales for Home and Gym
Weigh Beam Physician Scales at
Weight Beam Physician Scales for Home, Office and Locker Room
Digital Physician Scales at
Digital Physician Scales for Home, Office and Locker Room
Wheelchair and Bariatric Scales at
Wheelchair and Bariatric Scales including Stationary and Portable
Dietary Food Portion Scales at
Dietary Scales for Measuring Food Proportions for Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition and Healthy Living