Weight Scales

Detecto Scales by Cardinal Scale Manufacturing - Detecto weight scales are ideal for bathrooms, locker rooms, doctors offices and more, many of which are USA made.

Bathroom Scales - Low profile and easy to store just about anywhere, our mechanical bathroom scales offer large foot platforms and have a capacity up to 350 lbs. Keep track of your weekly progress with color coded weight indicators that are ideal for multiple people. Oversized dials make reading your weight easy and accurate.

Dietary Scales - Dietary scales take the guesswork out of food portion control. Measure portions of meats, grains and other foods down to the gram. And stainless steel top loading trays are always easy to keep clean and sanitary. The dietary scale is a must have for bodybuilders, athletes and those trying to cut calories to lose weight.

Weigh Beam Scales - Weigh beam scales, or balance beam scales as they are also called, are common in doctors offices due to their high level of accuracy and available height rods. These physician scales come in a painted white finish or durable stainless steel to keep your scale looking new for years. Keep track of your weight loss or muscle building goals with a weigh beam scale.

Digital Physician Scales - Like the weigh beam medical scale, the digital physician scale includes a convenient eye level display for easy reading. The added benefits of the digital weight scale include the ability to weigh in pounds or kilograms and calculates weight and height for body mass index reading. More advanced digital medical scales include bariatric scales with integrated side rails and folding seat.

Wheelchair Scales - Wheelchair weight scales provide easy wheelchair access for non-ambulatory, bariatric and elderly patients. Different models include stationary, portable and fold-up for the perfect wheelchair scale solution in any facility.

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