Weightlifting Gloves

Men’s Weightlifting Gloves and Women’s Weightlifting Gloves - Weight lifting gloves, or “workout gloves”, are used to improve the grip and create a protective barrier between the palm of the hand and knurled steel dumbbell handles and weightlifting bars. Diamond knurling on barbells and dumbbell handles can be coarse and rough on the hands. Weightlifting gloves provide the padding and protection needed to prevent painful blisters and calluses. Exercise gloves also improve and prolong the grip by keeping sweat off of handles and bars which is especially helpful during high repetition sets.

Men’s Workout Gloves - Are you on board the new calisthenics movement? If you are, check out our new Cross-Training grips that can be used as calisthenics grips while doing exercises like pull-ups and muscle-ups. They’re also great for gymnastics and CrossFit training. For weightlifting you’ll find many different styles and colors of workout gloves with some having built in velcro wrist supports.

Women’s Workout Gloves - Pink workout gloves are all the rage right now and they’re even better if there is a cause behind them such as Breast Cancer Awareness. Protect your hands and support your wrists with a pair of Schiek Platinum gloves. They also feature an exclusive “Finger Fin” design that allows for easy removal.

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Men's Weightlifting Gloves
Men’s Gloves for Weight Training, Calisthenics and CrossFit
Women's Weightlifting Gloves
Women’s Gloves for Weight Training, Calisthenics and CrossFit