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Weight Lifting Equipment

We have the largest selection of weight lifting equipment including home and commercial exercise and fitness equipment on the web. We carry an awesome selection of dumbbells, barbells, plates, exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers, aerobic equipment, floor mats, home gyms, home fitness equipment, commercial fitness equipment, gym flooring, rubber flooring, weight benches, free weight equipment, weight stack machines, boxing equipment, videos, rehabilitation equipment, weight training accessories, kids fitness and more. We are also a leading GSA contract supplier.

The Smith Machine

Smith MachineWhen it comes to weight lifting equipment, it doesn't get any more balanced and easy to control than the Smith Machine. Many professionals in the field actually argue that it is the best piece of weight lifting equipment out there. It targets many different major muscles. It prevents free weights from causing any major strain because it is very smooth in movement. At the workout center or fitness club, when someone lifts barbells, they usually have to have another person "spot" them by watching over the weight lifting. The Smith Machine does away with this need by acting as that spotter. It's very easy to perform a large number of repetitions with this great piece of weight lifting equipment. You'll be happy you got one because it's destined to become your favorite piece of weight training equipment.

Abdominal Exercise Equipment

We offer a huge vareity of abdominal exercise equipment. Choose from deluxe hanging straps, leg raise, ab crunch, cable crossover, knee raise, chin dip and abdominal bench. The opportunities are endless. Did you know that a medicine ball, also known as a fitness ball, can be used to target those abs? When it comes to abdominal exercise equipment, with most of our fitness supplies, you'll find that we have the largest assortment, great prices and superb customer service. We are committed to providing quality workout products and accessories, so we carry the best brands in the industry and allow for convenient online shopping.


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