Westside Barbell Varsity Reverse Hyper Extension -- Legend Fitness (3318)

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Reverse Hyper Extension
Reverse Hyper Extension
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Available in BLACK
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Legend Fitness 3318 Westside Barbell Varsity Reverse Hyper Extension - The 3318 features the well-known functionality of Reverse Hypers™, but in a more cost-conscious form to slide into Legend’s Varsity Line of economical athletic strength products. Some design upgrades for comfort and functionality were included: rollover pad design for increased hip comfort, new handle angle for grip comfort, and a top pad now angled 2 degrees for optimum user placement and stability. Lighter construction offers a smaller footprint, with an easily assembled design that boxes up easily for shipment.

A stocked item, the Varsity Reverse Hyper ships in 1-2 weeks, with flat rate ground shipping on single unit orders. This could be of special interest in the high school, Crossfit, and "garage gym" markets, in which potential users operate on smaller budgets but still desire high-end functionality and quality construction.

Posterior chain development is of utmost importance to all levels of athletic development, in that the lower back, glutes, and hamstrings are the base from which athletes derive their acceleration in running and their explosive power in jumping. Unfortunately, the posterior chain (and the hamstrings, in particular) are often under-trained compared to the rest of the lower body. This is a contributing factor to the high number of hamstring injuries among even professional athletes. With Westside Barbell Reverse Hypers™, the athlete has a device that not only strengthens those vital muscle groups during the "lift" portion of the set, but also provides a therapeutic stretch to the musculoskeletal members of the posterior portion of the lower body when the pendulum swings forward, placing the lower back and legs in traction. In this sense, the Reverse Hypers are not only strength training tools, but rehabilitative devices as well. Indeed, Louis Simmons developed the Reverse Hyper to rehabilitate his broken back, and he went on to set several powerlifting records after doctors told him he could never lift again.

The mechanism and articulation of this device has been refined at Westside Barbell and the design is patent protected. To that end, here's a note from Louie Simmons himself:

"There is only one Reverse Hyper™ and it has 3 U.S. Patents. Westside Barbell™ Reverse Hyper line allows the user to determine the path of the exercise. Westside Barbell Reverse Hypers™ offer one of two functional action systems. One is a strap; the other is a revolving roller system. Both Westside inventions allow the user to define his/her own path.

Inferior copies of the Reverse Hypers™ have gained access to the market. These copied units contain a fixed roller or pad, which restricts the user, and forces a pre-determined path set forth by the machine structure, whether it is biomechanically correct or not.

We are talking about a very sensitive area of the body here. We cannot expect a locked-up mechanism to allow proper movement from one user to another; from a 6'8″ person to a 5'2" person. Westside Reverse Hypers™ not only take this problem area into consideration, they completely adapt to each individual's needs and requirements, regardless of body size and type.

All other models are trademark or patent infringers, a very serious crime."


  • Available in black frame with black upholstery ONLY
  • Rollover design on trailing edge of top pad mounting board increases hip comfort, and everything is angled slightly downward two degrees for increased user comfort and stability
  • Solid steel handles with improved grip angles for increased comfort and control
  • Same articulated pendulum with chrome-plated Olympic weight pegs as on the higher-priced Pro and Ultra Pro models
  • Designed for use with no larger than 25lb Olympic plates (sold separately), larger plates may strike the floor
  • Web strap included
  • Perfect for High Schools, Crossfit Practitioners, and Garage Gyms
  • Not suitable for athletes over 250 lbs.


  • Dimensions (L X W X H): 47” x 28.5” x 43.5”
  • Shipped Weight: 125 lbs.
  • Ships boxed with simple bolt-together assembly
  • Ships from stock in 1-2 weeks

Fixed Shipping Costs for Single Unit Orders:

  • AR, CA, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY - $195.00
  • All other Continental States - $165.00
  • AK, HI - Call or Email for Quote
  • 2 or More Units - Call or Email for Quote
  • Shipping Costs NOT included in unit price and will be collected after web order is placed and prior to submission of order to Legend

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Shipping NOT Included
Due to the size and/or weight of this product, this item does not include shipping. If you place an order for this item the shipping cost will be emailed to you within 24 hours and will be an additional charge. We do our best to assure you the lowest possible shipping cost available. If you would like to obtain a quote for this product or multiple products before you order please email us a shipping quote request and include the product(s) Manufacturer, Name, and Part Number along with the ship to address.

Item Number: 3318 ProdID_20712
Product Name: Westside Barbell Varsity Reverse Hyper Extension -- Legend Fitness (3318)
Manufacturer: LEGEND FITNESS
Manufacturer Part No: 3318

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