Sandbag Training in Action!

Sandbag Training in Action!

The Ultimate Sandbag Training™ Difference

The creation of the Ultimate Sandbag™ was a direct result of Strength Coach, Josh Henkin, to deliver better and faster results to his clients. More importantly the Ultimate Sandbag™ was created to help Josh’s own low back problems that were compromising his own quality of life.

Frustrated with ineffective therapy and corrective exercise, Josh knew there had to be a better way! Sandbag training seemed to be intriguing because of the instability and challenge to the core, but there was something missing, a powerful system of implementation. The real power of the Ultimate Sandbag™ lies in the ability to create exercises that could simultaneously improve flexibility, turn-on those muscles that have been forgotten by most standard weight room exercises, and help re-teach how to use the "RIGHT" muscles to take stress off the rest of the body.

This all sounds good, but having the right tool for the job makes a BIG difference. It would seem that any old bag of sand could fit, but what Josh found right away that wasn’t the case. Leaking sand, lack of versatility, and cut up skin were definitely not incentives to continue to use sandbags. Ready to give up, Josh was asked to design his own sandbag for fitness training. What would come was the Ultimate Sandbag™ patented design!

It wouldn’t all happen right away as Josh approached his design of the Ultimate Sandbag™ with the same level of detail that he designed his innovative fitness programs. Determined to make the Ultimate Sandbag™ not only the best sandbag on the market, but the absolutely best fitness tool, six evolutions of the Ultimate Sandbag would come to what is know internationally known as the revolutionary Ultimate Sandbag™.

The goal was simple, to make the most durable, comfortable, versatile fitness tool that could be affordable to anyone, not just exclusive facilities and coaches. That is why the Ultimate Sandbag™ is made from military grade materials that are non-abrasive, easy on the body, and most importantly the most durable and resistant to sand dust or leaks.

Possibly the biggest difference of the Ultimate Sandbag Training™ System isn’t even the innovative design. Rather the education that Josh Henkin provides to ensure your success. Our Ultimate Sandbag™ Core Training Program provides you with a FREE DVD with six free workouts and instruction on how to perform the Ultimate Sandbag™ program safely and effectively. It doesn’t stop there with an instructional booklet to be your reference guide and more great workouts to take your fitness to a whole new level.

The Ultimate Sandbag Training™ System is a revolution in providing elite fitness training to everyone! Don’t hesitate another moment, get involved with the only fitness program entrusted by professional athletes from the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB, elite military and law enforcement units, top strength and conditioning facilities, and thousands of fitness enthusiasts in over 70 countries worldwide looking to change their lives like you!

Get Fit Fast With Ultimate Sandbag Training™

RESULTS! The single goal of the Ultimate Sandbag Training™ program (USBT) is to provide YOU with the best results in the shortest amount of time. Sure, many programs make the same promise, but they just simply can’t deliver.

What makes the USBT so different? It begins with the innovative Ultimate Sandbag™, the only fitness tool that can truly say that every time you exercise you will not leave one muscle untrained!

Burn More Calories

There is only way to get rid of that body fat that keeps us from feeling our best, putting our body into an INFERNO state! Because the Ultimate Sandbag™ is the only fitness tool that actually has the weight shift and move, your body must work much harder to perform the exercises. This means your body ends up expending more calories on every repetition of every workout. Unlike so many of the other fitness tools that makes it easy to "groove" an exercise, the movement of the Ultimate Sandbag™ makes it impossible to "groove" an exercise. So, every muscle has to work harder to perform each repetition.

Not grooving means your body has to burn more energy (calories) to do every Ultimate Sandbag™ exercise. Because the USBT program emphasizes the whole body you will find that each one of your workouts burns more calories than your typical workout with weights or cardio machines. These exercises move in new patterns and directions that previously were impossible with most fitness programs. This leads to losing that body fat while actually building muscles that work as good as they look!

The best part is that USBT program takes less time than most workouts because the exercises involve more muscles at one time and take advantage of interval training which means your body will burn calories for hours after your training session. In the end, this leaves you with a body that is athletic, sleek, and makes you feel your best yet!

Exercise Without Pain!

One of the biggest de-motivators in exercising is all the aches and pains that many people experience. So many people feel pain with their exercise programs, however, the USBT program is built to address those issues and give you the opportunity to perform a highly effective exercise program without those constant aches and pains.

How does USBT do that? The Ultimate Sandbag™ can be held in NINE different positions that allows anyone to progress from a very basic exercise to advanced all without having to change the weight of the Ultimate Sandbag™. Using our innovative training exercises we will teach you how to perform exercises correctly without having to pay for an expensive trainer. The Ultimate Sandbag™ guides you through the motions and hits those muscles that support your joints.

Have pain squatting? No more when using the Ultimate Sandbag™! Unlike a barbell that puts all the weight on your back and makes you lean forward, the Ultimate Sandbag™ can be used in our innovative squatting progressions to take all the pressure off your back and hit your core instead of that painful low back!

Real Core Power

No more sit-ups, crunches, or twists! Real core power means being able to hold your posture while you move. The USBT program is centered around training you core on every single exercise. Having to support the Ultimate Sandbag™ in different positions makes all the big and small core muscles work like no other training tool or program.

Best part is that it isn’t only your abs! Too many people make the mistake of only training the abs, but the core is also the low back and hips. The USBT program simply teaches in a safe manner how to integrate the low back and hips so you are left with a body that feels stronger, more flexible, and ready to conquer any challenge your day presents.

So, you don’t have to lay on the ground and perform boring "core" exercises. Your entire program is based around fun, challenging, and creative exercises that hit your core and help you shred fat at the same time. No, the USBT program isn’t easy, but the results are well worth the hard work and you will be left wondering why you haven’t been using the USBT program this whole time.