Workout Sweat Towels

Athletic Sweat Towels are convenient and even required at some fitness facilities. Most members prefer to pack a gym towel in their gym bag and take it with them to wipe away excess perspiration on their face and neck as they exercise. Some gyms do hand out sweat towels to their members to promote cleanliness throughout the facility. The ideal workout towel size is 15” x 25” and is made from 100% cotton giving the user plenty of surface area and thickness for proper sweat absorption. Our cost saving gym towel packages are offered in twelve different colors and ship immediately.

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ERCWipes ERC-TOWEL Cotton Gym Towels for Workouts
Athletic Gym Towels - Sweat Towels - Fitness Towels (Dozen) -- ERCWipes (ERC-TOWEL)
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Athletic Gym Towels - Sweat Towels - Fitness Towels (Dozen) -- ERCWipes (ERC-TOWEL)
12 Colors Available!
Minimum Order 5 Dozen