Yoga / Pilates Mats

Pilates MatsPilates, like yoga, has become very popular over the past few years. One of the most popular pieces of equipment for this great exercise is a floor mat, yoga mat or a pilates mat. With floor mats of this type, you'll be able to focus on muscle strength in your lower back, hip and spine areas. You'll increase flexibility with a variety of exercises that will be comfortable to do on a pilates mat. It used to be that large and expensive, specially designed machines were used for the program, but now a lot of the strength and flexibility desired can be achieved easily using a quality pilates mat, such as the ones we carry at If you're in a class with many others, you can choose from many different colors and styles available. Personalize your accessories by choosing the yoga mat or pilates mat that is right for you. We offer many different styles and colors of yoga mats and pilates mats by Aeromat, a leader in the yoga / pilates product industry.Choose from Classic Yoga mats, Ultimate Yoga mats, ribbed mats, and tri-fold mats.