Zebra Mat General Use Tips

User Tips

  • Zebra Mats are intended for use in the martial arts. The martial arts are sports that can cause injury regardless of the mats participants use.
  • Martial arts activity may require a high level of physical conditioning. Before engaging in any exercise or training program in this area, consult your physician to determine your fitness level.
  • If you are injured, ill or tired, do not exercise or train in the martial arts. If you engage in martial arts activity at this time, you may risk serious injury, disability, or even death. In this event, you assume all risk of injury.
  • Zebra Mats are flooring systems designed to be used for general martial arts. They are not designed for use with weapons or other equipment. If you engage in nonmartial arts activities on the mats, you assume all risk of injury.

Usage Tips

  • When installing Zebra mats, frame them to ensure that no slippage will occur.
  • Zebra mats are designed to be laid on a flat floor surface. They are NOT intended for use on carpets. Using the mats on carpet may result in user injury due to mat slippage.
  • Be prepared to experience some temporary surface slickness when you first use new Zebra mats.
  • Foam products such as sports mats are susceptible to minor expansion and contraction with temperature change. Zebra mats could slightly expand when the temperature is warm and contract when it is cold. Be aware of temperature fluctuations in your workout area and adjust the mats accordingly.
  • Zebra mats are designed to be used in dry conditions. Moisture or oil on the mats could increase the risk of slippage and injury.
  • Dirt and dust buildup could cause mat slipperiness. Follow our Zebra Mat Care and Maintenance guidelines to ensure that your mats remain clean at all times.