SoftFLOORS Premium Interlocking Foam Mats - 2' x 2' x 5/8" - Carton of 25 – Alessco (ALESSCO-PREMIUM-SF)

25 Tiles per Carton



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SoftFloors Premium Interlocking Foam Mats - SoftFloor Premium Foam Floor Mats by Alessco are a 2' x 2' x 5/8" interlocking foam puzzle mat commonly used as play tiles in children's play rooms and as home gym flooring areas for aerobics, Pilates and Yoga. Because Alessco closed cell tiles are so soft and forgiving on the feet, its not uncommon to see them being used as interlocking trade show flooring or behind retail counters. There are many bright premium colors to choose from including red, navy blue, lime green and orange. And each tile is reversible allowing many different pattern configurations. Individual reversible foam tiles can also be flipped over should one side get damaged, instead of replacing the entire flooring area.

What is the difference between Alessco Economy and Premium SoftFloor Foam Tiles? There are a couple main differences between Alessco SoftFloor Economy and Premium interlocking foam tiles that the consumer should know before purchasing Alessco tiles. The first, and perhaps the most important, is the added thickness of the Premium tile. The Premium tile is 1/8" thicker giving it more shock absorbing ability with minimal increase in weight. This additional thickness can be beneficial especially when used in playrooms for children. And aesthetically speaking, both the Economy and Premium tiles offer 14 different colors (7 two-color tiles). The exclusive Economy color not offered in the Premium tiles is Tan. The Premium offers White, Burgundy and Orange which are not available with the Economy.

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All the information you ever wanted to know about Premium Interlocking Foam Play Tiles:

Premium Interlocking Foam Play Tile Features:

  • Colors: See drop down menu for colors. Tiles feature different colors on each side
  • Reversible: Tiles are reversible for different color variations and patterns. Should tiles ever get damaged, simply flip over to the new side
  • Tile Texture: Non-slip pattern on both sides
  • Tile Edges: Each piece includes two detachable corner/border edge pieces
  • Lightweight: Only 1.40 lbs. each and are easy to pick up and transport
  • Waterproof: Tiles are made from closed cell foam and will not absorb moisture
  • Easy Assembly: Tiles fit together simply and easily just like a puzzle
  • Cleaning: Easy to clean with a vacuum, damp rag or mop
  • Uses: Recommended for inside play or workout areas out of the elements and harmful UV rays. Do not expose to chemicals or harsh cleaning agents
  • Sold by Master Carton only (25 unit count per carton)

Premium Interlocking Foam Play Tile Specifications:

  • Tile Size: 2' x 2' x 5/8" (14mm)
  • Per Tile Weight: 1.40 lbs.
  • Master Carton Count: 25 tiles (100 sq. ft.)
  • Master Carton Weight: 35 lbs.
  • Tile Material: EVA Foam
  • Fire Retardant: Tiles exhibit a burn rate of no greater than 0.1 per second
  • Shock Absorbent: Absorbs up to 23.2 lbs. per sq. in.
  • Anti-Fatigue: Very forgiving on the feet and work great as anti-fatigue mats for trade show booths, assembly lines and warehouses
  • Skid Resistance: Static coefficient of friction to a vinyl tiled surface equals 0.42
  • Compression Recovery: Compression testing using 50 PSI over 24-hours revealed a full recovery to original thickness within 6-hours of removal of the test weight
  • Interlocking Strength: Interlocking tiles are able to withstand 18.5-20.5 lbs. of tension before pulling apart from each other
  • Tab Breaking Strength: Tabs are able to withstand up to 49-49 lbs. of tension before breaking
  • Sound Abatement: Helps soundproof rooms with tile/wood floors, etc.
  • Country Of Origin: Taiwan
  • Warranty Info: During the first year, after the original date of purchase, Alessco Inc. will, through its authorized dealer, replace any parts, which are defective in workmanship or material due to normal use. This warranty does not cover puncture (from high heels, sharp objects, etc.), slashing, cutting, abrasion (from soil, gravel, stones, etc.) nor any other damage due to accidental causes or intentional or unintentional misuse./li>

Other Applications for Premium Foam Puzzle Tiles:

  • Home Aerobic, Pilates and Yoga Flooring
  • Home Weight Room Flooring (not for heavy weight drop or to be placed under heavy weight machines)
  • Shipping and Packing Facilities
  • Trade Show Flooring
  • Playrooms and Baby Rooms
  • Day Care
  • Acoustic and Sound Control
  • Check-Out and Cashier Area Flooring
  • Food Service & Restaurants
  • Picnic Areas
  • Work Shop

Close up of Alessco SoftFLOORS texture.

Each tile comes with two interlocking straight-edge border pieces


Alessco SoftFLOORS Interlocking Tile Flooring Sizing and Pricing Chart

Tile Dimensions

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2.0' x 2.0'






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Pets, high heels, sharp objects, heavy objects and abrasive materials can scratch, puncture, indent or cut the surface of these tiles. Socks and clean shoes (free of any stones or debris) are the only way to prevent damage to the surface. Tiles are not 100% UV stable and will fade after time in direct sunlight. Clean with warm water (with or without a dishwashing liquid like Dawn) and a cotton towel. Do not use steam cleaners, abrasive cleaning agents, chemicals or cleaning tools.

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SoftFLOORS Premium Interlocking Foam Mats - 2' x 2' x 5/8" - Carton of 25 – Alessco (ALESSCO-PREMIUM-SF)
SoftFLOORS Premium Interlocking Foam Mats - 2' x 2' x 5/8" - Carton of 25 – Alessco (ALESSCO-PREMIUM-SF)