Slastix All-Legs Speed Builder -- Stroops (ALLEGSB)

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Stroops Slastix All-Legs Speed Builder - Develop fast twitch muscle fibers. Explosive movements cannot be done with free weights or a pulley system because you are moving faster than gravity. Using Slastix® as the form or resistance, the athlete trains without damaging expensive equipment. There are essential techniques grapplers must master to escape or gain control of an opponent. For the ultimate lower-body strength tool for fighters of every level, the Stroops All Legs Speed Builder adds versatility, portability, and resistance to a fighters training regimen. Since it was introduced to mixed martial artists, world-class fighters have embraced this Stroops original for its unrivaled ability to build explosive hamstring, quadriceps, abductor, adductor, and abdominal muscles. With Slastix-generated resistance against the key upper-body muscle groups, fighters build strength where they need it most, maximizing every second of training.


  • (2) foot cuffs with 3 rings
  • (2) 4-foot Slastix
  • (1) Anchor

How It Works:
Attach the two foot cuffs by slipping them under the heel and then around the ankle. Attach the two four-foot Slastix® to the ring of each foot strap and then to an anchor. The rings allow the Slastix to move with you as you turn and rotate. While lying on your stomach, back, or atop a ball, you can perform lifts, stretches, and strength drills while reaping the unparalleled benefits of resistance. (Note: It is recommended to wear a shirt while training).

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