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Makes 35-300 lb. Stones
Just Add Concrete
Made In USA 


Hybrid Athletics Atlas Stone Molds for Strongman Training

Atlas Stone Molds for Strongman Training by Hybrid Athletics – Designed with the do it yourself strongman athlete in mind, our Hybrid Athletics Atlas stone molds make it possible to build your own stones from 35 to 300 lbs. without the high cost of shipping. Simply zip tie the two mold hemispheres together, pour the concrete and let them cure for about three days. Now you’re on your way to unlimited Atlas stone lifts and workouts!

Popular Atlas stone exercises are box squats, front squats and high stone loads, all of which provide a total body workout and will quickly increase your strength levels and muscle mass. There are many Atlas stone tutorial videos to be found on YouTube where athletes can hone their skills approaching the stone, lapping the stone and loading the stone to make sure you receive the full benefit of stone training with reduced risk of injury. 

What’s Needed To Make DIY Atlas Stones? Before you get started making your new stones you’ll want to make sure you’ve got all your supplies gathered and ready. Here is a checklist you can follow to make sure you get the best results possible:

  • Rubber gloves. 
  • Zip ties to hold the two sides of the mold together.
  • Scissors to cut zip ties after stones are cured. 
  • Silicone lubricant. Add a generous layer to the inside of your mold before pouring the concrete to allow the molds to release from the cured stone.
  • Quikrete concrete mix and something to mix it in such as a mixing bag or wheel barrow. Mix thoroughly to make sure all clumps are removed. 
  • Painters mask to avoid breathing in concrete dust. 
  • Optional – Nylon concrete fibers to mix into your concrete will make your stone more resistant to cracking, abrasion and impact. 
  • 5-gallon buckets to set the molds on while you pour the concrete and while the stones cure.
  • Screwdriver and rubber mallet to help release the molds after they are fully cured.

Mold Sizes Available:

  • 10" Diameter (35 lb.)
  • 10.75" Diameter (50 lb.)
  • 12" Diameter (65 lb.)
  • 13" Diameter (95 lb.)
  • 14" Diameter (115 lb.)
  • 14.5" Diameter (130 lb.)
  • 15" Diameter (145 lb.)
  • 15.5" Diameter (160 lb.)
  • 16" Diameter (173 lb.)
  • 17" Diameter (215 lb.)
  • 18" Diameter (250 lb.)
  • 18.5" Diameter (275 lb.)
  • 19" Diameter (300 lb.)


  • Molds are Made In The USA from ABS plastic.
  • Stone Weight Accuracy: Approx. +/- 5 lbs. of stated weight depending on the type of concrete that is used and how well it is compacted during the pouring process. 
  • Concrete Type: We recommend Quikrete 5000 because it’s affordable, strong, and consistent.
  • Cure Time: The stone should sit in the mold for 3-days. Once it’s taken out of the mold it should continue to cure for another 10 days BEFORE using.
  • Mold Life: There is no limit to how many times each mold can be used as long as it’s properly cleaned/maintained immediately after each use.  We’ve poured 50+ stones using a single mold. 
  • Lubricant: We recommend using a generous amount of lubricant, such as silicone spray, to lubricate the inside of the molds before adding concrete so that the molds will release from the cured concrete stone. If no lubricant is used the molds may not be able to be seperated from the cured concrete. 
  • Care: Always fully clean the inside of your molds immediately after each stone is cured. Doing so will prolong the life of your molds. 
  • Mold Width: Add 2” to the diameter of each stone (flange is 1”).
  • Mold Height: Divide the mold diameter by 2 and add 1”
  • Each set of molds includes two hemispheres of the mold ONLY. Purchase the concrete and all supplies separately. 


  • UPS delivery is included within the lower 48 states. Online orders outside of the lower 48 states will have additional UPS charges emailed to customer within 24-hours and will be charged and shipped upon approval by customer.