If your idea of a good combo includes fries and a drink, this article may not be for you! But if you're searching for a great commercial leg extension/leg curl machine, this combo review will provide valuable insight into the purchasing process. Most buyers have budgetary constraints and getting the best value is critical. A great buying decision is based on facts, cost/benefit analysis, refining information into knowledge and making the decision.

In today's commercial fitness market, the competition is as fierce as it's ever been. The Legend Fitness #918 Leg Extension/Leg Curl Combo Machine makes sense from every vantage point. It's been engineered to be incredibly easy to use while isolating and targeting the quads and hamstrings extremely well.

Space/Cost Saving Dual Function

Let's start with the obvious and then dig deeper. Leg extensions and leg curls are fundamental movements by anyone who works out. The extension exercise is known for isolating the quadriceps, and the seated leg curl is an excellent isolator of the hamstrings. Combining these two primary exercise movements into one machine is a "no brainer" as there is savings in both space and cost. The #918 provides exceptional flexibility while giving the feel and positioning of the single-station units in a cleverly designed combo format. Nothing is given up in functionality.


Everyone has experienced a piece of fitness equipment that didn't work effectively due to the limited adjustment options. It just didn't fit you. One of the primary features of the Leg Extension/Leg Curl Combo is that it's adjustable for both your upper leg length and lower leg length. It can be micro adjusted to fit you perfectly and align your knee pivot point with the pivot point of the machine. Additionally, because each individual has a different range of motion, you can control the starting point of the movement as needed. Plus, you can transition from leg extensions to seated leg curls with one easy spring-assisted adjustment. The weight stack is located close to the exerciser, which allows you to change resistance without getting off the selectorized workout machine.

Leg Extension

Leg Extension

What are the extras that make the #918 Leg Extension/Leg Curl Combo a step ahead of the rest? Start with an oversized densely padded lower-leg roller, which reduces shin pressure. A design advantage allows the floating leg roller to adjust to your body effortlessly without any adjustments. Just put your legs behind the leg roller and push. And the back pad is angled to 115 degrees to relieve hamstring tension. Choose your starting position in approximately 10-degree increments. Included are weight stack shrouds and an instructional placard that identifies adjustment points and correct setup. This reduces any intimidation that a user might experience.

Seated Leg Curl

Seated Leg Curl

The seated leg curl exercise position includes a thigh roller that locks you into place. Adjustment of the thigh roller should be snug but not to the point that you cannot move whatsoever. It is important to make sure you don't overextend at the top of the range of motion. You want to stop the movement an inch or so away from full knee extension. This keeps tension on the targeted muscles and also avoids wear and tear on the knees. Always maintain control during the seated leg curl movement.

The seated leg curl is superior to lying leg curl in working the inner portion of the hamstrings and upper insertion. This is due to the exercise position, which has the torso at a 90-degree angle to the legs. The relation of the position recruits these two areas to be more involved in the movement.

A great buying decision on a commercial Leg Extension/Leg Curl machine is based on facts, cost/benefit analysis, refining information into knowledge and making the decision. The #918 Leg Extension/Leg Curl Machine by Legend Fitness comes out as a clear winner once you've looked closely.

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