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Brain Train

RAW Brain Train discusses the mental focus, dedication and enthusiasm derived from world champion athletes that you can apply to achieve your fitness goals and become better than you are now. Brain Train features a growing compilation of tried and true information.
  1. Robert Smith - Journey to the Center of the Physiological Universe

  2. Neuroplasticity and Our Ever-Shrinking Concentric Circles

  3. Mind Games - Electronic Meditation: tools or toys?

  4. Autosuggestion Leads To The Meditational Mac Daddy

  5. Pure Meditational Awareness and Deep Athletics

  6. Meditation - Meditational Fundamentals

  7. In Praise of UFC Fighter Nate Diaz

  8. Insane in the Membrane: Brain Train

  9. Elite Gym Psych Masters - Getting Fired Up For Optimal Performance

  10. Sleep, Rest, Recovery For Maximum Muscle and Strength Gains