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Historical Powerlifting Musings

RAW Historical Powerlifting Musings gives you a backstage pass to almost 60 years of powerlifting and bodybuilding musings as told by athlete, coach and writer Marty Gallagher.
  1. Jon Cole - Powerlifter: simply incredible

  2. Olympic Games Fool’s Gold: Vindication Day!

  3. Larry Pacifico: Part II

  4. Marty Gallagher's Forthcoming Autobiography - Sneak Peek

  5. Why we Kick Ass!

  6. Instant Muscular Strength - Roll-Out-Of-Bed Strength

  7. Sergio Oliva - Lessons from our Primordial Ancestors

  8. Duke Nukem Unleashes Hell

  9. James Hollywood Henderson - The Greatest Bench Presser In History

  10. Chasing Olympic Weightlifter Ken Patera Part 2