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IRON COMPANY's weekly column, RAW with Marty Gallagher, is your best online source for powerlifting articles and strength training articles written by IPF world champion and coach to some of the greatest powerlifters on the planet, Marty Gallagher. 

Each week Marty expands on all things powerlifting and resistance training as well as cardio training and fat loss, nutrition and healthy eating and brain train such as meditation. The RAW with Marty Gallagher column details the same techniques and tactics that have been utilized by Marty himself for almost 60-years and have been applied to numerous world champion athletes and Tier 1 spec ops fighers. Cut through the confusion of too much information and opinions from so called "experts" and start reaching your goals by applying these proven strategies in your own training. Check back each week for new RAW with Marty Gallagher articles. © 2017-2022 IRON COMPANY

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RAW Podcast with Marty Gallagher, J.P. Brice and Jim Steel


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    Invasion of the Body Snatchers

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    Cardio Training Periodization

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    Gallagher’s GOAT - Top Ten Greatest Powerlifts Of All Time

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    Hard Training, Hydrotherapy, and Recovery

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    Bench Press Assistance Work

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  6. Muscle Myths article by Marty Gallagher

    Muscle Myths

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    Steve Justa: the Paul Anderson of Sustained Strength

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    George Costanza: Neuroplasticity Guru

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    Git Ta Walking

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    Putting a finer point on resistance training

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