Heavy Duty Commercial Treadmills with Industrial Reliability

Heavy Duty Commercial Treadmills with Industrial Reliability

The Toughest Motorized Treadmills On The Planet

Shopping for a commercial treadmill that is designed to last decades, not just years? Upgrade to a Tuff Tread treadmill for the most durable treadmill in the fitness industry!

Heavy-Duty Tuff Tread Commercial Treadmills Heavy-Duty Tuff Tread Commercial Treadmills


The Tuff Tread Advantage
Since 1997, Tuff Tread has been manufacturing Made in the USA treadmills designed to last. This was achieved by looking at every individual component of a treadmill, then fabricating in house solutions, or sourcing industrial grade military specified components that over perform to maximize the life of the treadmill with minimal maintenance.

The Foundation
A treadmill’s frame structure is its foundation, a key aspect that tends to become layered with plastic shrouds, end caps, and covers to provide an illusion of robustness in current treadmills. Tuff Tread commercial treadmills on the other hand utilize an all steel welded base frame structure, yielding a 700 lb. user weight capacity.

The steel framing continues on the bolted steel upright supports that are welded to the steel console panel frame that protects the upper electronics and Lexan polycarbonate display. Such metal components are protected with the Tuff Tread RFT coating that encapsulates the material to provide a coating that is tough to wear and impervious to perspiration. It is this rugged RFT coating that makes the Tuff Tread a popular cardio choice with the US Navy.

Tuff Tread Patented "Zero-Load" Motor 4 HP Continuous/8+ HP Peak Rated Tuff Tread Patented "Zero-Load" Motor 4 HP Continuous/8+ HP Peak Rated


Under the Hood
Housed underneath the metal hood cover is Tuff Tread’s patented Zero Load Motor that provides 4 HP Continuous Duty, 8+ HP Peak Rated. It also houses the patented Force Multiplier technology that breaks the limitation of mounting a small flywheel to a motor shaft. This technology incorporates the use of a significantly heavier steel flywheel close to 50 lbs. connected by belt to the motor. The heavy steel flywheel spins at a high rate of speed, faster than the motor itself, creating a system that generates more force than a 300 lb. user running on the treadmill for a smooth running experience regardless of user weight. The Force Multiplier also allows the motor to work more efficiently, even on High Speed Tuff Tread models with Top Speeds of 16, 26, and 31 mph, leading to a longer lasting performance treadmill.

Tuff Tread Treadmills for Police, Fire and GSA Purchase Tuff Tread Treadmills for Police, Fire and GSA Purchase


The Anywhere Treadmill
Because of their ability to last with low maintenance, the Tuff Tread line of quality US made treadmills can be found in military bases, first responder fire station and police department gyms, and prisons. They are also highly recommended for use in submarines, vessels, and oil rigs around the world because of the quality electronic components that can handle the fluctuations in voltage, or “dirty” electricity, from generator power.

Need a treadmill for use in a rehabilitation or medical facility? Tuff Tread treadmills can be custom configured for adequate use in the medical field. For rehabilitation facilities, add Extended Full Side Hand Rails to one or both sides of the treadmill for user safety and balance. For cardiac medical applications and stress testing sites, add the optional Isolation Transformer to meet medical ground leakage requirements.

Tuff Tread commercial Super treadmills and Rehabilitation treadmills are available for purchase from authorized dealer IRON COMPANY®. GSA MAS # GS-07F-0104M and CMAS # 4-12-78-0066. 

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