Featured Equipment: barbell, weight plates, spring collars, rubber gym flooring

BEHOLD! Perfect barbell squat technique exhibited by a 3-year old, pure hi-bar back squat perfection. A future (pick one) world champion athlete, NFL Linebacker, UFC heavyweight champion, motorcycle gang leader, prison gang leader, mafia enforcer, Tier I spec ops Master Chief, CIA interrogator, strike breaker…the child was rumoured to be a love child of squat god Kirk Karwoski and a gorgeous one-armed dancer working at the Dew-Drop-Inn in rural Gravytown, Maryland. The 3-year old predator effortlessly exhibits perfect squat technique, pure hi-bar back squat perfection. This boy is not wasting his time playing pokemon baby games on an iPad or playing nice with others…

Note the boy’s upright torso, maximum depth and vertical shins: pure back squat technical perfection! This tiny alpha also exhibits the berserker psyche inherent in the athletic elite. This photo gives you faith in the future of America…I shall seek to adopt this boy…and live long enough to see him rise to fruition and dominance and riches – once I had him, I would pray to Odin for height!

About the Author
As an athlete Marty Gallagher is a national and world champion in Olympic lifting and powerlifting. He was a world champion team coach in 1991 and coached Black's Gym to five national team titles. He's also coached some of the strongest men on the planet including Kirk Karwoski when he completed his world record 1,003 lb. squat. Today he teaches the US Secret Service and Tier 1 Spec Ops on how to maximize their strength in minimal time. As a writer since 1978 he’s written for Powerlifting USA, Milo, Flex Magazine, Muscle & Fitness, Prime Fitness, Washington Post, Dragon Door and now IRON COMPANY. He’s also the author of numerous books including Purposeful Primitive, Strong Medicine, Ed Coan’s book “Coan, The Man, the Myth, the Method" and numerous others. Read the Marty Gallagher biography here.