Learn Why Government Buyers Choose the SportsArt T655S Treadmill

Learn Why Government Buyers Choose the SportsArt T655S Treadmill

Life is about movement. Yet, today most people lead lives that border on being sedentary. Innovation and technology have changed the very fabric of society, resulting in a decline in the overall wellness of most Americans.

Now more than ever, it is essential that planned and systematic exercise be incorporated into your lifestyle. Government agencies realize this, and more and more they are allocating funds for fitness products. In addition, the treadmill is the cornerstone of any fitness facility. Almost everyone can walk, regardless of age or physical conditioning. No skills are required…just commitment.

So what treadmill do most government agencies go to for GSA purchase?

The answer is the SportsArt T655 Status Series Commercial Treadmill which has the best combination of performance, features and price. There are three factors that influence a treadmill buying decision:

  • Reliability
  • Ease of use
  • Total cost of ownership over time

The SportsArt T655 excels in all categories and is an exceptional value from any perspective. Users will pass by other treadmills to go the T655S Status Series treadmill. Plus, this treadmill makes a nice presentation with a clean and sleek design and look.

Basic Information

The T655S treadmill is a full commercial model that is manufactured to perform flawlessly in heavy-use environments. Construction starts with a steel frame. The drive motor is 5-HP AC servomotor with a starting speed of 0.1 MPH through 15 MPH. This will work for everyone from rehab patients to athletes. The running surface is 22" x 62" to accommodate the longest stride. The maximum weight capacity is 500 lbs.


Reliability is the number one factor that influences a purchasing decision for a treadmill. Almost everyone has heard stories about a treadmill that went out of service for a few days, which turned into a few weeks and then a couple of months. The SportsArt T655S has a lifetime drive motor warranty for a commercial setting with no usage limit. You might want to read that again. Lifetime warranty on the drive motor! I think that qualifies as reliable. The suspension and frame have a lifetime warranty also.

Ease of use

Regardless of how "cool" a treadmill looks and no matter what the features are, unless it's easy to use, people will steer clear. There are two aspects to the ease of use: a physical facet and an operational aspect.

The T655S Status Series Commercial Treadmill has 8.75" step-up height, which makes entry and exit very easy. The actual walking/running belt is 22" x 62", which translates to wide and long. If you've ever been on a narrow and short treadmill, you will appreciate this feature greatly. Also, there are things "under the hood" that enhance your experience with little fanfare or notice, and yet allow you to walk/run with a cushioned, smooth and impact-absorbing movement. You don't even realize how this reduces the stress on joints and minimizes fatigue.

standard treadmill console

The operation of the SportsArt T655S is uncomplicated and can be used by simply hitting the quick-start button. If you need more of an engaged workout, there are many programs. These programs fall into three categories:

  • Goal-oriented workouts (manual, random, interval, hills x 3, 5K run, 10K run)
  • Heart-rate-controlled workouts (weight-loss zone and cardio zone training)
  • Fitness testing (Gerkin, Fire Dept., Air Force, Navy, Marine, Bruce and more)

The console is easy to use and is very engaging. In addition, you can upgrade to a 15" LCD touchscreen with built in TV tuner and internet connectivity capability.

Touch screen treadmill console


One of the biggest factors that every owner wants is peace of mind when purchasing a treadmill. That's why more government buyers are buying the SportsArt T655S Status Series Treadmill. A lifetime warranty (the strongest in the industry) on the drive motor, suspension system and frame ensures this treadmill will be in service for years to come.

So when you're ready to explore why government buyers are purchasing the SportsArt T655S treadmill, reach out to Ironcompany and let us help! Treadmills and other fitness equipment manufactured by SportsArt Fitness can be purchased through the Ironcompany.com GSA contract # GS-07F-0104M or CMAS contract # 4-12-78-0066A.

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