Product Spotlight – The Torque Fitness X-Rack Systems!

Product Spotlight – The Torque Fitness X-Rack Systems!

Planning to open a cross training or performance training facility but prefer to outfit the facility with a functional training rig system that goes rogue from other CrossFit boxes? Have a mainstream gym considering adding cross fitness group training to evolve with current member workout needs? Look no further than the functional and versatile X-Rack Systems from Torque Fitness!

What are functional training rigs for cross training?

Functional training rigs are designed for versatile group training sessions in which multiple workout stations are built-in as an all-in-one training station. Training rigs will vary in size depending on the types of stations equipped as well as the quantity of stations. Facilities can configure the training rigs with stations that can accommodate users of all fitness levels, from beginning exerciser to professional athlete. Most are equipped with multiple Olympic bar training stations and pull-up stations as connector beams, while variants and options are available to alter the functionality of the rig such as monkey bars, wall-ball targets, multi-cross bar pull-up bars, landmines, and much more.

Torque X-Rack at the gym

How does the X-Rack System compare to other rigs in the fitness equipment market?

The Torque Fitness Difference.

Dedicated to providing better products through research, innovation, and testing, the X-Rack System was designed from the ground up.

The upright posts utilized in the X-Rack Systems are fabricated from beefy 3” x 3” hot rolled and pickled 11 gauge steel. Slots are cut on one side of the upright tubing wall for accessory attachment only, which helps maintain the structural integrity of the beams yet allowing J-Hooks, bar catches, plyo-steps, and dip attachments to be adjusted in 3” vertical increments.

Attachments of the Torque Fitness X-Rack Systems utilize a unique engagement system with the uprights. On the inside face of a respective attachment, two machined solid steel blocks fit into the square slot openings and drop down into place. This design allows the respective attachment to be supported by the entire wall of the tubing by way of gravity. As an added safety feature, a spring pop-pin is built into the respective attachment to secure it from moving, even if an attachment is accidentally hit with upward force. The unique engagement system makes for one of the safest engagement systems out of any racking system currently available.

Torque X-Rack schema

The Torque Fitness line of equipment is design tested – first tested to the standard, then to double the standard, and then to failure (if possible). Bar catches have a static test result of 4000 lbs. held for 5 minutes while Plyo Step Attachments proved to hold 1800 lbs. for 5 minutes, loads that outperform what any training facility would apply on such attachments.

Torque X-Rack weights

Finishing touches also give the X-Rack System a more refined look for placement in any health club chain or high end training facility, but still appealing to a hard core powerlifting facility where aesthetics may not be of concern. An extra thick 5 mm powder coating in a proprietary storm grey wrinkle textured paint coats the frame components to provide great grip and lasting durability. For a polished look, a urethane boot at the base of each upright post covers exposed bolt heads as well as prevents dust, debris, and chalk from collecting.

Torque X-Rack feet

Which X-Rack System is right for my facility?

Obtain dimensions of the area you are dedicating for the cross training rig, including height limitations if considering a tall rig component.

Do you have a large area for a Freestanding X-Rack configuration away from the walls?
An X-Rack Free Standing configuration will allow a facility to equip stations on ALL exterior sides of the configuration. This will maximize the quantity of workout stations on the rig system that is configured.

Do you require a slim training solution due to space constraints of your facility?
X-Rack Wall Mounted configurations bolt one side to the wall to minimize floor space the system would require. This does mean you lose the ability to have users train on the side bolted to the wall, but it also minimizes materials and thus cost for such a configuration. Consider a wall mounted system if minimizing floor space and/or if attempting to minimize the overall investment.

Torque X-Rack

Where do I configure and order a Torque X-Rack system?

Contact authorized dealer® to configure a rig solution for your commercial facility.

The Torque Fitness X-Rack System is part of Ironcompany’s offering of equipment that extends beyond the website pages of over 8000 equipment pieces. Available for GSA open market and commercial and vertical market purchase. GSA Contract GS-07F-0104M and CMAS contract 4-12-78-0066A.

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