Total Body Strength and Conditioning with Sledgehammer Workouts

Total Body Strength and Conditioning with Sledgehammer Workouts

In need of a new strength and conditioning tool to build core strength, develop an iron grip, burn calories, or just need a fun way to train the entire body? Introduce sledgehammer training to your conditioning regime for maximum fitness results.

Why add hammer sledgehammer training to your workout routine?

Sledgehammer training has been an “old school” training method highly regarded as a way to develop explosive power and strength. In doing so, one also benefits from a stronger core, a greater range of motion, better coordination, added grip strength, and improved work capacity.

Who benefits from sledgehammer workouts?

Combat athletes have helped the sledgehammer reemerge in the modern day fitness universe as an added training tool for improved athletic performance and stronger grip strength. For mixed martial artists, wrestlers, jiu jitsu practitioners, and other combat athletes, the performance edge can make an impact when fighting for wrist control or holding a submission, and ultimately a difference between winning and losing a fight or match.

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Ball players cross-training in sport performance facilities, as well as the weekend warrior training in a garage home gym, also benefit from incorporating sledgehammer training in their workout routines. Because a sledgehammer is asymmetrical, performing movements and strikes require a blend of balance, strength, as well as finesse resulting in the body working harder and burning more calories than static strength training movements one may be accustomed to. Rotational training from sledgehammer swinging provides greater core strength for a baseball player enabling faster swinging of a baseball bat, while for the weekend warrior, the same rotational movement provides a great range of motion workout that exercises the abdominals, back, and oblique muscles.

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Selecting a Sledgehammer for Fitness Training

There are a variety of weights to choose from with fitness sledgehammers, but opting for the heaviest sledgehammer one can find as a means of a better workout can be counter-productive. Keeping in mind Newton’s second law of motion, the force an object applies is equal to its mass times its acceleration. Choose a weight that you can strike with continuously while maintaining a fast and intense striking pace. For many, the lighter to moderate weight sledgehammer increments are more than sufficient. Sledgehammers can be considered a conditioning tool for multiple strikes or fluid swings, versus a heavy weight to test a one rep max.

Ready to drop the hammer?

Leave the hardware store sledgehammers for demolitions and bulky tires for tractors! The new CORE HAMMER by MostFit allows sledgehammer training almost anywhere without the need for a tire to strike against.

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The Core Hammer is manufactured in the USA and available in sledgehammer weights 8 lbs. with a 7” diameter head and 12 lbs. with an 8.25” diameter head. Manufactured to last and provide safe performance, the head of the Core Hammers are constructed with a solid globe of urethane that is able to absorb 3000 lbs. of impact. As urethane is denser and less elastic than rubber, the Core Hammer urethane head is able to transfer energy to the surface of impact, which deadens the bounce instead of the head rebounding back. Professional athletes as well as personal training clients new to sledgehammer workouts will find the 1.25” diameter handle with rubber encasing comfortable as it eases vibration from impacts while providing a secure non-slip grip.

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Designed for heavy-duty commercial use, the Core Hammer makes a great choice for personal training studios, CrossFit boxes, sport performance training facilities, mixed martial arts (MMA) gyms, and university training facilities. As these portable fitness sledge hammers do not require a tire to strike against, they also make a great GSA purchase for military bases and troops in remote locations overseas.

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Where to purchase the Core Hammer and other MostFit equipment® is your authorized dealer for MostFit portable exercise equipment for residential, commercial, and government/military sales. The Core Hammer can be purchased from Ironcompany on GSA Contract GS-07F-0104M and CMAS Contract 4-12-78-0066A.

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