One of the most undervalued, underrated pieces of gym equipment, simplistic weightlifting straps enable the athlete to perform extra growth-producing reps unobtainable without lifting straps. Most all back exercise involves pulling, either pulling a loaded barbell towards the body (deadlift, rows, lat pulldowns) or pulling the body towards a fixed point (chins, pullups.) The problem is the grip: usually the grip will give out before the much stronger back muscles. The grip becomes the limiting factor and weight lifting straps eliminate the limiting factor. Straps enable extra rep and this happens instantaneously. Many find straps cumbersome, however as with anything in life repeat practice makes strapping in effortless.

About the Author
As an athlete Marty Gallagher is a national and world champion in Olympic lifting and powerlifting. He was a world champion team coach in 1991 and coached Black's Gym to five national team titles. He's also coached some of the strongest men on the planet including Kirk Karwoski when he completed his world record 1,003 lb. squat. Today he teaches the US Secret Service and Tier 1 Spec Ops on how to maximize their strength in minimal time. As a writer since 1978 he’s written for Powerlifting USA, Milo, Flex Magazine, Muscle & Fitness, Prime Fitness, Washington Post, Dragon Door and now IRON COMPANY. He’s also the author of numerous books including Purposeful Primitive, Strong Medicine, Ed Coan’s book “Coan, The Man, the Myth, the Method" and numerous others. Read the Marty Gallagher biography here.