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Vicore Fitness S Series Core Chair - The Upright Utility Bench is a staple in just about every gym on the planet. Now take this concept and add Vicore's innovative designs, soon to be legendary quality and the patented body link system - and you now have the hardest working most popular piece on the entire floor. The Core Chair allows for so many progressions within a workout routine that you will literally never get bored or top out. The workout bench is also incredible in the world of physical therapy, as many patients who are elderly have been injured when physio balls roll out from under them.

Soft surface training is a phrase which describes a phenomenal advancement in the area of core strength, ergonomics, balance, and coordination. Simply put, the Vicore benches provide a better way to work out. Performing the same exercises as you normally would on a Vicore bench, increases balance, core strength, neural synapse and agility. A major component of every piece of Vicore Fitness equipment is a very dynamic component Vicore calls the Body Link System. It is an enormously strong membrane, which, when filled with air creates a very unstable surface. It is this instability that causes the user to engage all of their core muscles in order to maintain their balance. Throw in some weights and you have the best formula ever devised for not only building your extremity muscles (shoulders, arms chest, abs and so on), but also at the same time greatly enhancing your coordination, balance and agility.

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  • Commercial grade 75mm diameter tubing with 11 gauge steel
  • Bearing inlaid urethane wheels for easy transport
  • Specifically designed rubber foot pads safe for all floors
  • Removable rubber coated foot pegs
  • Bodylink surface tested to 4,500 lbs. (2,041 kgs)
  • Incorporated hooks on wheel brackets for resistance band workouts
  • Proprietary 2-step paint process
  • BodyLink Surface infused with antimicrobial agent and protected with UV inhibitors
  • Silver Frame with Black Air Surface

Quick Train Feature:
All Vicore products comes standard with a QR Code on each unit which any user can quickly scan with their smart phone. This will take the user directly to a page offering everything from specific exercises for each unit to an exercise of the week and countless other tips from trainers around the world who use Vicore on a daily basis.


  • Assembled Dimensions: 48 L x 32 W x 34 H
  • Assembled Weight: 53 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions (Boxed): 48 x 23 x 11
  • Shipping Weight: 65 lbs.

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  • Frame - Lifetime against any and all incidents due to manufacturer defects (with the exception of scratches and damage to paint finish)
  • Moving Parts - 5 Years against all incidents due to manufacturer defects
  • Body Link Air Surface - 2 Years against all incidents, manufacturer or otherwise

Did we mention it was tough? Vicore has created benches that don't roll, burst, or slide. All Vicore products are subjected to extreme testing. Every measure is taken to ensure Vicore strength equipment is up to any challenge!

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