CrossCore Cross-Training Starter Package -- Ironcompany (CC-PACKAGE-STARTER)

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Includes CrossCore180®, (5) kettlebells, (3) plyo box platforms
CrossCore Cross-Training Starter Package -- Ironcompany (CC-PACKAGE-STARTER) is available to buy in increments of 1

CrossCore Cross-Training Starter Package Cross-training is an increasingly popular methodology of strength training and conditioning that combines weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, sprinting, gymnastic balance, climbing, and explosive training movements. Ironcompany supplies a full array of cross-training equipment to meet the needs of the growing cross-training population. Cross-training athletes prefer equipment that involves dynamic movement and full-body execution. Cross-training equipment such as kettlebells, plyo box platforms, and Rotational Bodyweight Training systems are among the favorites to build functional strength, power, and sports-related performance. Cross-training enthusiasts love bodyweight exercises because they combine skill and proficiency in strength, muscular endurance, agility, balance, flexibility, and body coordination. Whatever your cross-training needs, Ironcompany has the equipment you need and this is the perfect package to get you started!


  • (1) CrossCore180® complete Rotational Bodyweight Training System (CC-180) MADE IN THE USA!
    Includes training manual, training DVD, door anchor, and heavy duty canvas carrying bag
  • (1) Hampton Fitness 5 lb. Kettlebell (HKB-5)
  • (1) Hampton Fitness 10 lb. Kettlebell (HKB-10)
  • (1) Hampton Fitness 15 lb. Kettlebell (HKB-15)
  • (1) Hampton Fitness 20 lb. Kettlebell (HKB-20)
  • (1) Hampton Fitness 25 lb. Kettlebell (HKB-25)
  • (1) Body-Solid 6 Plyo Box Platform (BSTPB6)
  • (1) Body-Solid 12 Plyo Box Platform (BSTPB12)
  • (1) Body-Solid 18 Plyo Box Platform (BSTPB18)

Click here for training advantages and detailed information on the CrossCore180® Rotational Bodyweight Training System

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