Exercise Ball Hand Strengthening Grippers -- Aeromat (3521)

Firmness: Soft, Medium, Firm
For Finger & Hand Strengthening

Exercise Ball Hand Strengthening Grippers Squeeze Balls and Squeeze Balls in the shape of an egg can both be used in hand rehabilitation and strengthening of the grip. They are made of thermoplastic rubber with a textured surface. This type of material can be repeatedly compressed over and over again without losing its shape. Some people prefer to use them as stress balls to help relieve stress and tension that can build up during a stressful day at work. These hand exercises can be conveniently preformed on the way home while driving or while doing other tasks such as talking on the phone. Some people find a solid rubber squeeze ball exerciser is much easier on the hands than an old school style gripper with a steel spring and knurled handles. A hand gripper ball is shaped and sized to easily fit in the palm of your hand. Additionally, the texture is soft and gentle on the skin which makes them user friendly for any age or fitness level.

Isokinetic Squeeze Balls and Squeeze Ball Eggs by Aeromat come in three different firmness levels. Soft is a good firmness to start with for rehabilitation of the hand and grip or if you are just beginning grip training and are not sure which firmness level is best for you. A medium firmness is the next step up from soft and will require more hand strength to squeeze to the same level as the soft. The firm is for those that have mastered the soft and medium and are aware of their grip strength capability. The firm gripper is ideal for increasing hand grip strength associated with everyday tasks such as bringing in the groceries or working in the yard. No matter which firmness level you choose for your hand gripper, youll definitely see fast results if used consistently.

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Squeeze Balls and Eggs Include:

  • 35210 (1) Orange Soft Squeeze Ball 50mm
  • 35211 (1) Green Medium Squeeze Ball 50mm
  • 35212 (1) Blue Firm Squeeze Ball 50mm
  • 35215 (1) Orange Soft Egg Squeeze Ball
  • 35216 (1) Green Medium Egg Squeeze Ball
  • 35217 (1) Blue Firm Egg Squeeze Ball

Squeeze Ball and Egg Features:

  • Latex, PVC, Phthalates and Chloride free
  • Thermoplastic rubber will not lose shape
  • Three firmness/resistance choices for all strength levels
  • Shapes include round or egg shape
  • Easy to grip diameters accommodate all hand sizes
  • Lightly textured surface for comfortable non-slip grip
  • Compact for easy travel and storage

Squeeze Ball and Egg Applications:

  • Relieves stress and tension in hands
  • Strengthens fingers, hands and forearm muscles
  • Physical therapy
  • Hand therapy

Shipping Included

All Squeeze Balls and Eggs = UPS cost included within the lower 48 states only.