Fighthrough Fitness 18" x 24" Laminated Workout Poster - Olympic Lifting Instruction – Productive Fitness (FTL)

Fighthrough Wall Chart for 9 Foundational Movements of Olympic Lifting
Fighthrough Wall Chart for 9 Foundational Movements of Olympic Lifting
Fighthrough Wall Chart for 9 Foundational Movements of Olympic Lifting Fighthrough Fitness Instructional Wall Chart for Olympic Lifts Workout

Fighthrough Fitness Laminated Workout Posters for Crossfit Wod and Spartan Race Training

Fighthrough Fitness Laminated Wall Chart Workout Poster - Olympic Lifting Instruction – The Fighthrough Fitness Olympic Lifting Instruction Posters from Productive Fitness are 18" x 24" laminated wall charts designed as visual guides for proper form, execution, and sequencing of Olympic weightlifting movements. Each Olympic Lifting poster acts as a stand-alone tutorial, or can be used together to maximize coaching benefit and visual instruction in crossfit boxes, high intensity training centers (HIT), sports performance labs, and athletic training facilities.

The Fighthrough Fitness Laminated Exercise Training Poster series from Productive Fitness Publishing illustrates how to perform cross-training exercises common to WOD training (workout of the day). Large, full-color photos feature actual certified trainers demonstrating proper biomechanical form and start to finish positioning. The Fight Through poster series was created by serious athletes with a passion for fitness and exercise in recognition of the need for space-conservative, informative instructional guides to post in crossfit boxes, fitness boot camps, and garage gyms. In hardcore training zones where wall space is valuable and dedicated to rigs, pull-up bars, wall ball targets, and training equipment storage, larger posters take up too much real estate and just won't do. The Fighthrough workout charts are minimalist in size but large on information, focusing only on clear step-by-step visual instruction and basic training recommendations. Group exercise instructors and crossfit coaches will appreciate the fact that these posters are laminated so they can use dry erase markers to mark specific exercises for the days crossfit WOD routine for quick and easy visual reference by crossfit competitors and Spartan race athletes in training.

Available Wall Fitness Charts (Single Poster):

  • FTNFM – 9 Foundational Movements
  • FTOL – Olympic Lifts Workout

Available Wall Fitness Chart Set (Set of 2 Posters):

  • FTL-SET – Olympic Lifting Set 9 Foundational Movements & Olympic Lifts Workout

9 Foundational Movements (Olympic Lifting Part 1 of 2)
The Nine Foundational Movements will help you build your lifting skills safely and effectively. You can approach the nine foundational movements in three levels. The movements all build upon each other, getting more complex as they progress from Level 1 to Level 3. It is very important to master these movements with good technique and practice them often.

SQUATS: Air Squat (Level 1), Front Squat (Level 2), Overhead Squat (Level 3)
PRESSES: Shoulder Press (Level 1), Push Press (Level 2), Push Jerk (Level 3)
LIFTS: Deadlift (Level 1), Sumo Deadlift High Pull (Level 2), Medicine Ball Clean (Level 3)

Olympic Lifts Workout Poster (Olympic Lifting Part 2 of 2)
Olympic Lifting can best be described as a coordinated effort of muscle strength, flexibility, and speed to lift a loaded Olympic barbell from ground to overhead quickly and with proper form in one of two ways the Snatch or the Clean and Jerk. While both lifts are complex, the Snatch is more advanced and technical than the Clean and Jerk. The Clean and Jerk is actually broken down into two lifts first getting the loaded bar from starting position at ground level or hung at knee level to shoulder level (the clean), and then pressing the load overhead (the jerk). The Snatch involves a full execution in one continuous movement from start to finish at lock out overhead. This poster identifies and demonstrates progression steps, and omissions, to properly perform the full snatch vs. power snatch, hang snatch vs. hang power snatch, full clean vs. power clean, and hang clean vs. hang power clean. Once you have first received proper instruction from a qualified coach, use this poster as a guideline or reminder of proper form and sequencing.

Fitness Poster Specifications:

  • Poster size: 18" W x 24" H
  • Poster weight (individual): 0.25 lb.
  • Laminated
  • Waterproof for resistance against drinking fountain splash, sweat, cleaning supplies
  • Dry erase marker friendly for WOD
  • Full-color illustrated exercise instructions
  • Easy to follow with clear start/finish positions
  • Suitable for framing or attach directly to wall
  • North American Made (manufactured in Canada)
  • Made to order with lead time of 5 business days prior to shipping
  • Complete wall chart sets, bulk fitness poster purchases, and unlaminated (paper only) exercise posters available by special request contact an IRON COMPANY® representative for details at 1-888-758-7527 or
  • Shipping dimensions (1-3 posters): 26" x 2" x 2"
  • Shipping weight by quantity: 10 oz. (1 poster) | 13 oz. (2 posters) | 1 lb. (3 posters)
  • Ships rolled inside box

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